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LufthansaCelkové skóre založené na 28450 recenzích
8,0Nástup na palubu
Recenze letecké společnosti

Excellent ease of boarding even though It was delayed. Great crew and good food and drinks

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Excellent ease of boarding even though It was delayed. Great crew and good food and drinks

Great crew and great food. But having no entertainment is not acceptable these days

Výhody: "Due to the corona19 virus I was not able to travel and the airline phone lines have been so busy that I’m not sure if I will be able to change my ticket."
Výhody: "Flight departed on time. Crew were friendly and efficient"
Nevýhody: "Boarding seem to be chaotic, no boarding by group or seat number."
Výhody: "Best flight crew I've ever had."
Nevýhody: "A free upgrade to first class"
Výhody: "Hydration station during the long flight. Leg room adequate."
Nevýhody: "They checked my bag at the gate - despite me traveling all over the world NEVER having to check it - and would not take no for an answer, despite me having a 25 minute connection due to their one hour delay. Once boarded there was an incredible amount of empty overhead bins! Bag didn't make it"
Výhody: "Even though it was economy class, I was able to sleep because it was very comfortable."
Nevýhody: "Not sure, I slept the whole flight."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Meals."
Výhody: "Everything except the seats . Need to book business class"
Nevýhody: "The seats were too small"
Výhody: "Nothing. It didn't happen."
Nevýhody: "Flight to Frankfurt from Denver could have been on time so we would've made this flight to Prague."
Nevýhody: "Perdieron nuestras maletas, de prácticamente todos los pasajeros."
Výhody: "Crew was attentive"
Nevýhody: "We sat on the runway for an hour."
Výhody: "The crew was great. Very friendly and provided excellent services. I was surprised that they serve food (a cheese sandwich) and drinks for a 40 mins flight. That would have never happened in the US"
Nevýhody: "We had to take a bus to get to the airplane from the terminal, which was no big deal. The bus driver was a little rough though."
Nevýhody: "Never happened,missed flight"
Výhody: "Superb flight attendants"
Výhody: "Short flight with swift and effective service"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Service"
Nevýhody: "Need more water service"
Výhody: "Once again the crew was great and helped me find a place to stow my carry on since I was in the emergency row. The snack was also very tasty."
Výhody: "Great flight"
Nevýhody: "We were advised upon check in online that we could check in but if we needed additional carry on items (1 was free) we had to pay a secondary fee. When attempting to do that online we were unable to, even though it showed the price to do so online was cheaper than the price at the gate. They made us fully check these bags once we got there and we had to pay $40 instead of the 15 or so it stated online. We had to be shuttled to the aircraft and had to wait because the first bus was closed by the operator. We had to wait until the second round for the bus to come back. During the flight the pilot did not mention any turbulence however during the entirety of the flight, including leading up to the landing of the plane, we experienced extreme rocking of the plane back and forth ( I’m aware that this does occur during landings while loosing elevation but this was an extreme case of that) and caused my colleague to get motion sickness which neither of us ever get on flights. I am very dissatisfied with this flight and operations of the airline company."
Nevýhody: "We missed our connection in Munich due to a delay departing Washington, DC. Although we initially had two hours for the connection we were not informed or warned by Lufthansa about the distance from our arrival gate to the gate for our connecting flight. Further, we were not worn ahead of time that we should have built in additional time in our connection because in order to go from Munich to Valencia we would have to go through customs in Munich rather than at our designation. Delayed flight arrived at 9:30 AM and we ran from the H gates to the Shuttle terminal to reach the K gate Desperately trying to make our departure time of 9:50 AM. There were no instructions for passengers on the flight trying to make connections regarding the distance between gates or to be prepared to go through customs. Had we known that we would not make the flight in anyway shape or form because our flight out of DC was delayed by 2 1/2 hours, we would not have a rushed to try to make the connecting flight. Ultimately we were rerouted through Frankfurt and arrived in Valencia eight hours later they are intended time"
Výhody: "The lunch served on the Munich to O'Hare segment was well above average for plane food. Like how the seat reclined. Inside temp was good."
Nevýhody: "What's to like about today's airport experience, irregardless of the airline?"
Výhody: "Efficient boarding process"
Nevýhody: "Only got a cookie for food"
Výhody: "Extra leg room overall. Service was excellent"
Výhody: "Crew was pleasant."
Nevýhody: "Premium economy upgrade not worth the price! Wheelchair service ordered but NOT provided In Frankfort!"
Nevýhody: "Seats are too close together and seat really doesn't recline. To close to the seat in front and can't bend over to put your head on tray to sleep. Just to cramped up and I'm a small person 5'4". Very uncomfortable for a long flight!"
Výhody: "Comfortable seats, good leg room, pleasant staff"
Nevýhody: "We were late arriving in Prague and then waiting for my luggage only to realise after waiting till the very last luggage THAT my luggage was left in Frankfurt and I didn’t get it til 21.00hrs - totally ruining my plans for my first night in Prague!!!!"
Nevýhody: "Wuality"
Výhody: "Easy flight and on time"
Nevýhody: "Lufthansa never treats Prague as a destination almost always off stand, it never does this to a internal German flight always late arrival frustrating"
Nevýhody: "The second flight they board us then left us on the bus in the parking lot for 25 minutes breathing airplane fuel."
Výhody: "Very efficient, clean and comfortable."
Nevýhody: "N/A"
Výhody: "When in the air crew attentive"
Nevýhody: "Late boarding after allowing priority customer to board, Crew then took ages to start to finish boarding and taxi , Plane sent to furtherest runway, Made little time up,"
Výhody: "Lufthansa was great . It was just that the weather did not cooperate in Boston."
Výhody: "Without a doubt, the flight crew on this flight was amazing. They went out of their way to assist everyone and make sure that people had whatever they needed."
Nevýhody: "The chairs were small, even though we upgraded to economy plus, and the outlets and my tv screen did not work. On a 10 hour flight, that's a big deal! It seems like I paid extra to get less. Terrible!"
Výhody: "The flight attendance were nice."
Nevýhody: "One of worst EU to US flights ever. Food was Ick, entertainment?? (even if you paid for the premium the choices were bad)."
Výhody: "Fast and efficient boarding. Cheerful and helpful crew. Clean cabin. Everything was 100%."
Nevýhody: "Nothing. I was a happy camper from beginning to end."
Výhody: "Twenty minutes early on arrival"
Nevýhody: "Not necessarily a problem for others but very back of plane left no room to recline."
Výhody: "The crew was quite nice and boarding at Philadelphia was organized."
Nevýhody: "I was disappointed with the movie selections; there weren't many new offerings."
Výhody: "Crew was professional as always"
Nevýhody: "Nothing to report"
Výhody: "The seats in business were spacious and comfortable. The crew was there to meet our every need!"
Nevýhody: "We had to sit in the plane for 2 hours before liftoff because of a hydraulic lift problem"
Nevýhody: "Boarding was in organizes."
Výhody: "Service confort timimg"
Výhody: "Everything was totally fine but nothing was noteworthy."
Nevýhody: "Plane was a little old and uncomfortable."
Výhody: "The price for a direct flight was reasonable"
Nevýhody: "Wifi wasn't working and movie selection poor. No individual screens especially for a 10 hr flight. Staff were not that friendly either. Old plane and small seats. I would rather pay more for a more comfortable flight."
Výhody: "טייס מקצועי קדם טיסה נח ומסודר כולל אפליקציה לבורדינג"
Nevýhody: "האוכל לא מציאה"
Nevýhody: "No exaggeration: The crew rolled a beverage cart in front of the restroom while I was in there. I couldn't leave for about 4 minutes The food made me vomit. That's why I was in the restroom when they blocked me in My headset jack was broken. 500 movies aren't worth anything if I can't hear them"
Výhody: "Plane, amenities, crew, flight...all 5 *s"
Nevýhody: "Travelers should be aware getting around that terminal is counterintuitive and not efficient at all....Gate was crowded and confused....I don't understand the point if it's design....also not the place to exchange money...use ATM's"
Nevýhody: "Check in at Bilbao took over an hour (and I was third in line when I arrived at the airport). Then weather and traffic control strikes caused the flight to leave 2 hours late, and I missed my connecting flight in Frankfurt - stuck there overnight. Lufthansa wasn't to blame for all of that, but it was a very negative travel experience."
Výhody: "Crew was friendly and helpful."
Nevýhody: "Typical airline snack"
Výhody: "The flat bed"
Nevýhody: "The Captain made loud announcements waking you up"
Výhody: "All services were very good."
Nevýhody: "Overnight sleeping in extended seats in Business Class were cramped."
Výhody: "Tap was great for the long flight"
Výhody: "The crew was fabulous"
Nevýhody: "We had a crying baby onboard for the entire flight. I found it difficult to sleep as a result but understand this was outside the control of the airline. A bit more legroom would have been nice but I booked economy so again that was on me."
Nevýhody: "If baggage claim was faster"
Nevýhody: "They turned the air conditioner to a higher temp to accommodate a few complaints and the rest of us suffered. First and cabin crew had it at a refreshing temp . For the last 20 minutes of the flight they turned it down again. To late"
Výhody: "On time"
Nevýhody: "Food"
Výhody: "A good airline- I will use them again!"
Výhody: "Crew and on time flight"
Nevýhody: "Entertainment"
Výhody: "Scam"
Nevýhody: "Do not sell flight you are not able to manage. Shame"
Výhody: "Very efficient and competent crew. Very much like the A330 plane."
Nevýhody: "On our flight from Lisbon to Paris Orly the baggage took two hours become it was delivered. We were later told the baggage crew forgot some of the bags."
Výhody: "Crew was helpful and professional. Airplane was comfortable and very spacious. Food was awesome."
Nevýhody: "Really need to look at a more efficient way to board the passengers. Was pretty chaotic and the gate was way too small for so many people. Feel like the passengers with carry on luggage were thrown to the wolves while those with backpacks were treated way better."
Výhody: "on time, food"
Nevýhody: "I asked male attendant for pillow and blanket , he said no!!!!!!!!!!! foot rest would not stay in upright position, I could not remove remote from back of chair, outlet for headphones was broke."
Výhody: "All good"
Nevýhody: "Boarding slightly convoluted but ok"
Výhody: "Movies and friendly crew"
Nevýhody: "Food was not good Too much meat"
Nevýhody: "Delayed! Got home around 3am. This shouldnt be like this. Precautions need to be taken."
Výhody: "Planes clean and in good condition."
Nevýhody: "Crowded and late departure."
Výhody: "Everything was going well. Confotable seats lovely air hostesses. Food wasn’t so great but I was surprised we even got something!"
Nevýhody: "Unfortunately I had problems at airport security which wasn’t very pleasant!"
Nevýhody: "Switched planes both ways, changed my paid for seating. No notifications. Excess luggage charges. Would never recommend this airline."
Výhody: "Flight left approx. 20mins early, good service and efficient handling by crew."
Nevýhody: "poor and cheap plane"
Výhody: "It was quick."
Nevýhody: "Delayed transport to flight, tiny non-reclining seats. Food offering mediocre and had to flag down flight attendant just to get water they we're giving to everyone but some of us apparently."
Nevýhody: "At checkin in Miami, Agent at the counter was utmost arrogant with no customer skills whatsoever, lack of manners, the whole counter operated like some bad dream circus. Luggage fee you learn about at checkin is the cheapest scam ever!"
Nevýhody: "why do they sell their tickets when they know they can not make the connection? little time between the two flights compared to the functionality of the airport. never again TAP"
Výhody: "The planes were fantastic, wish all other airlines provided the same amenities. There was ample leg room (even in the economy peasant class), there were innovative changes in the pullout tray, beverage holder, convenience of charging devices, a mirror, specific pockets for books/glass cases/snacks. And a very comfortable headrest which made snoozing easier."
Nevýhody: "Contacting TAP Customer Service was a nightmare. It took forever before anyone answered the phone &, when they did, it was VERY difficult to understand their English. Forget reaching ANYONE after 9 pm; ditto for trying to do anything online, e.g., checking in, picking seats, modifying reservations, etc. If you are forced to do anything at night, prepare yourself for total frustration."
Výhody: "My experiences on TAP have always been pleasant. The crew is friendly. Everything works as it should. No complaints."
Nevýhody: "Next-day connecting flight after a delayed arrival and involuntary stopover in Porto due to air traffic over LIS. This time around, the flight took off an hour late because of [guess...] air traffic. Well, my dear LIS management, that's how you sink your national carrier."
Výhody: "service,puntuality,guidance"
Nevýhody: "my luggage was opened somewhere along the way. My gift for my child was stolen. Ugly ! Very ugly !! I got home, I unzipped my bag and I do not have a pair of sneakers that were a gift for my baby and some other sweets, my luggage was half empty! The face of my disappointed kid broke my soul, that should not have happened."
Výhody: "The flight was direct to Lisbon"
Nevýhody: "TAP a total disappointment. The biggest surprise of which you guys at Kayak are somewhat responsible is the ridiculous fees of $90 dollar per bag checked in. Obviously the face value of the ticket is cheaper but in practice I had to pay 360 dollars to check in my bags going and coming."
Výhody: "Flight crew was friendly."
Nevýhody: "Not being told up front of having to pay for my luggage. First I was over charged on departure ($90.00) and also having to pay on return flight. Travel agent never made us aware of this."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "The flight was delayed pre boarding and took longer than it should and thus missed our connection to London"
Nevýhody: "Flight to LIS was delayed 2.5 hours, missed BCN flight. I was given a new flight, but boardng pass was canceled at gate. I'm stranded!"
Výhody: "Not much"
Nevýhody: "Long flight uncomfortable seats"
Nevýhody: "No USB port"
Výhody: "They gave us good snacks. Comfortable flight."
Nevýhody: "We were delayed 1.5 hours. Had to sprint and almost missed my connecting flight."
Nevýhody: "connecting flight but no entertainment, very cramped space"
Výhody: "The fact that children were served first."
Nevýhody: "N/A"
Výhody: "very rude empoyees at check in"
Nevýhody: "Booked my flight in January to ensure good seating for my family. Checked in day before departure and all my seats were changed. Also on my return flight. No notifications. We ended up all the way in the rear of the aircraft. Totally unexceptable"
Nevýhody: "They cancelled the flight, losted the baggage and couldn't help to resolve the problem. They also lied about the flight they wanted to replace to solve the problem which even didn't exist in their company. So, I will never ever take the flight from this compound again."
Výhody: "Center aisle seat was comfortable and pnethy of room for my carryon overhead and underseat."
Nevýhody: "I would like to see all TAP planes come with a standard entertainment option on the headrest in front of you with the advanced menu option of movies, games, radio, etc. and ensure all headphone jacks are operational. (Thisnflight the screen was messed up...not something you want to look at for 8 hours. ) I couldn't eat half the food because the salad wasn't anything but cabbage and a tomato and the corn and meat dish was cold and weird. I don't know what the dessert was but I got it down. I think the sandwich I got before landing was pesto and mayonnaise but I'm not sure. I didn't get much of it down before gagging. I wish when booking a flight you were given the menu or you could choose early in the flight and then be served. I bet it would cut down on wasted food and money."
Výhody: "Seats were big and comfortable with lots of leg room."
Nevýhody: "No entertainment on first 3 hr intra-Europe flight. Food was not good."
Výhody: "Comfortable seat"
Nevýhody: "No lounge airside at Lisbon airport, no shops open that early in the morning"
Výhody: "Overall flight was great and crew very polite"
Nevýhody: "I have nothing to complain about it!"
Nevýhody: "i could had something sweet, but it was ok anyway"
Výhody: "Crew were friendly, and the food and wine were good."
Nevýhody: "Almost not enough leg room to fit in the seat, boarding was a confusing process on both legs."
Výhody: "Easy checking and boarding process"
Nevýhody: "NO Options for vegetarians. main curse and snacks were with meat. SANDWITCH WITH MEAT"
Výhody: "USB ports to charge your phone, watched almost a whole season of HIMYM:) good dinner."

Delayed almost 2h

Výhody: "The flight was fine."
Nevýhody: "Super delayed. I arrived in Vienna at night with no further outbound flights because of the delay. Also, the airline will not accept responsibility for the missed connection so Im done with Eurowings."
Výhody: "Entertainment was good."
Nevýhody: "The crew was horrible. They walked through the aisles with no regard for passengers seated in the aisles. No food over a 9 hr transatlantic flight. This was not explained in the ticket. This was absolutely absurd. I have never experienced that before"
Výhody: "The plane left and arrived on time."
Nevýhody: "The seats were just okay, not comfortable. No snacks or drinks were complimentary."
Nevýhody: "It was so late and we were not told anything!!!"
Nevýhody: "Paid for high speed WiFi Could not even check my mails"
Výhody: "Eurowings is an average low-budget flight. But at least the equipment looked all right, and it was clean."
Nevýhody: "No food or drink is included in the price, narrow seats."
Nevýhody: "Riding a packed bus to the plane was awful."
Výhody: "Very fast check in. No problems"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Everything, flight was super late, no explanation whatsoever,"
Výhody: "I’ve flown with various airlines and must say that I was very impressed with this crew. I guess it was because they all were young and didn’t füdisplay burnout as so many other flight attendants show when dealing with their customers."
Nevýhody: "On both flights the control forty didn’t work."
Výhody: "Almost 2 hours delay, crew couldn't confirm if our connection flight in Cologne will wait for us. It was very stressful."
Nevýhody: "Information"
Výhody: "Good view with the high winged propeller plane"
Nevýhody: "Small overhead storage"
Výhody: "Boarded and departed gate on time. Efficient."
Nevýhody: "Not the friendliest."
Nevýhody: "Terrible hard landing"
Výhody: "It was ok"
Výhody: "On time"
Nevýhody: "N/A"
Nevýhody: "We were a little delayed"
Výhody: "Seat comfort Nice stafflost"
Nevýhody: "They lost our luggage Major bummer"
Výhody: "Attendants and counter staff all super friendly, seats were comfortable with decent leg room, frequent beverage and snack offerings, and a nice selection of entertainment at the seat."
Nevýhody: "Vegetarian hot meal option was a little strange, but not terrible."
Výhody: "Attendants and counter staff all super friendly, seats were comfortable with decent leg room, nice beverage and snack offerings."
Nevýhody: "Nothing of note."
Nevýhody: "Another delayed Eurowings flight to Stuttgart with no information provided."
Nevýhody: "Missed flight because of another flight delay"
Nevýhody: "I did not board, because another flight delay caused me to miss this flight."
Výhody: "Arrived to Seattle on time."
Nevýhody: "I did not know what airline, crew flew me to Seattle."
Nevýhody: "Das ist nicht das erste Mal dass ein Eurowingsflug verspätet ist. (Verspätung von einer Stunde!)"
Nevýhody: "The seats are broken and the crew treats the passengers like they do not matter."
Nevýhody: "My flight was delayed and because of that I lost my next flight in London , cost me money and time , having to go to another airport in a bus for 1 hour and 30 min ride to catch a new flight the same day that I had a pay. Thank you eurowings! Not"
Nevýhody: "Delayed on both legs of the flight plus poor communication relating to why and approximately how long we would have to wait."
Výhody: "Staff at the airport (ticket counter and check-in) were very polite."
Nevýhody: "The flight ran two hours late. They notified me via an email in German (I don't even speak German, and I made my reservation on the English site, so I would think they would send me notifications in English as well.) I missed my connection in Dusseldorf because of the delay, but was able to rebook for free at the ticket counter and they gave me a €10 voucher for dinner as well."
Výhody: "Everyone was nice."
Nevýhody: "When we finally were able to board it went smoothly. The crew was nice, but nothing amazing. Not very comfortable but not surprised for a short flight. There was no “food”. There was no “entertainment”. Kayak was great for information and reminders!!!"
Nevýhody: "Flight was cancelled; waited in the Rome airport for over 8 hours waiting for assistance and for a new flight for tomorrow and then another 2 hours we had to wait for a shuttle to take us to the hotel. By far worst airport/airline experience by far. Will never book with Austrian/Eurowings ever again."
Výhody: "Departure on time, arrival even earlier than scheduled. Great!"
Nevýhody: "The boarding system in Olbia is chaotic. We were "boarded" to be kept in the building like cattle, then got into a bus waiting for about 20 min. before we were driven to the aircraft that was standing about 200 m from a gate where we could have boarded walking over. Very poor organization"
Nevýhody: "Flight was cancelled--no crew!"
Nevýhody: "Nothing."
Výhody: "It was a short flight and fairly uneventful. Comfortable airline."
Nevýhody: "When I arrived at the airport in Naples it was impossible to find the check in desk. I asked at Lufthansa and was told that someone would show up at 09:50 but my flight left at 08:40. I was then told that I should be looking for Eurowings. Not a problem except that it is very unclear where their check in desk was. I stood around for 20 minutes asking anyone who would help me where the desk was. We were finally notified at 8:40 that eurowings was the last desk in the aisle."
Výhody: "Very nice plane with the most legroom I’ve ever had"
Nevýhody: "The flight was delayed about an hour"
Výhody: "smooth flight"
Nevýhody: "boarding took too long"
Nevýhody: "- the staff member who was boarding patients at Glasgow airport (although not on the flight itself) was very rude and impatient. she seemed to be having a bad day - the light was delayed by approximately 45 mins"
Výhody: "Only good thing about flight was it is cheap"
Nevýhody: "Button of my travel bag was broken during transfer of luggage by leg space in flight."
Nevýhody: "EW lost my suitcase in transit in Duesseldorf. Suitcase arrived in Berlin on next flight but then didn't get delivered until 24+ hours later. Hard to reach both EW and delivery service. Due to the delay and further travel plans the next day, I had to buy new clothes in Berlin to have something to wear."
Nevýhody: "Our home was damaged & we were without power for 6 days due to Hurricane Irma. They refused to cancel tickets. Heartless, no wonder so many Airlines has such horrible customer service ratings"
Nevýhody: "The service of the airline was horrible. They lost our bags and refused to show any empathy towards us or the multiple other passengers that also lost their bags from our flight. I will never fly Eurowings again."
Nevýhody: "More than 3 hours delay and this is a lot of times !!! Absolutely no matter what the relationship is about This company is disastrous !"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "The flight was delayed over and over and finally cancelled. We had to go out to the ticket counter to rebook. That meant clearing customs and then going back thru security again. A real Hassel!!! I think any other airline would have rebooked people in the terminal!!!"
Nevýhody: "I travelled with my two children and they have given us three completely separate seats. I tried to ask the crew to help but they refused, both ground crew and in flight crew. We have flown with both Wizz Air and Easyjet this summer and those airlines have always assigned us seats together. Lufthansa did also. No idea why it was not possible for Eurowings. Also, crew were completely unhelpful, did not want to lift a finger for us. Luckily, a kind lady switched seats with me so I could sit next to my youngest son. Would definitely think twice about flying Eurowings again..."
Výhody: "N/A"
Nevýhody: "The birding officer didn't inform me about the visa requirements to cross from Dusslouf to Vinna airport. This caused a big problem for me in the airport, where I: 1- Wasn't allowed to catch my flight ti Vinnea and this was both financial and time lost for me. 2- I was locked in Dussluff airport for more than 14 hours, I was threatened to be sent back to USA or any other country. This caused physiological damage for me, as I been treated like an animal 3- I was asked to pay for my new ticket ( Dussloff - Istanbul-Amman )"
Výhody: "Service onboard was very efficient. Flight was short"
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed about 45 min due to aircraft late arrival. Our seats did not recline right behind emergency row."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Never made it due to prior cancellation and no back up plan"
Výhody: "We did not have to board outside so that's a plus. Staff and crew were very pleasant. A short flight."
Nevýhody: "The usual problems with an economy flight -- very crowded, stuffy, and no complementary food."
Výhody: "Staff at Rome was great. Crew was excellent. Plane was magnificent."
Výhody: "Great you provide ways to keep busy on the plane for long flights!"
Nevýhody: "Something needs to be done about carry on baggage. On this flight alone, I counted 80+ people who had to pay for carry on luggage because it also included our backpacks. There were a lot of angry people. Paying $85 for my carry on that alone didn’t weigh 10kg was ridiculous. I’ll be looking into other airlines for my future trips."
Nevýhody: "We had to wait to deboard the plane for 2.5 hours due to a lack of staff - I want a refund"
Nevýhody: "6 hour delay"
Výhody: "The Dreamliner was great, Entertainment options were good"
Nevýhody: "Boarding at the airport but not Norwegian's fault"
Výhody: "Reasonable price for premium class seats."
Výhody: "On line interface . Price . Staff ."
Nevýhody: "Food . Seat comfort"
Výhody: "Nothing."
Nevýhody: "Everything! Our flight was changed from a the 6 hour direct flight I purchased 6 months ago to an 11 hour 2 planes journey from a totally different airport! We arrived 3.5 hours before our flight at JFK yet waited in ticket line for 2.5 hours only to be given WRONG boarding passes."
Nevýhody: "The breakfast was not anything usual for your US travelers. Perhaps a choice or option should be offered."
Výhody: "The crew was rude. If my boarding pass was checked at gate why I need to show it again when I’m at the door of the plane. I told them my seat."
Nevýhody: "Also I paid to select seats and I didn’t get the seat I selected"
Výhody: "I got there, so that was good"
Nevýhody: "They don't even serve you water without swiping your credit card"
Výhody: "The comfort of the 10hr flight"
Nevýhody: "Not that many movies on selection"
Nevýhody: "Thank you!"
Nevýhody: "Seriously you have to buy water and food on a 10 hour flight"
Výhody: "Good value. Mostly new planes."
Nevýhody: "For being new planes, they're already a bit dirty and run down."
Výhody: "Great plane and crew. More than I expected"
Nevýhody: "Norwegian airlines handling of their 3 hour delay and subsequent missing of connection flight."
Výhody: "They’re very mediocre selection of movies were free"
Nevýhody: "They cancelled our Barcelona flight with no explainationand rather than book for us on another carrier, they suggested we buy our own tickets and fly to another state to find a similar Barcelona flight. Disgusting and rude."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "I missed the flight, because all flights from Denver to JFK were 6 hours delayed. I was not put on another flight, not reimbursed at all, not even treated considerately. WORST treatment EVER, in 40 years of world travel. TERRIBLE. I am so sad to see how air travel has degenerated. Very very sad."
Výhody: "Food, price, and long stay in Oslo to give time to enjoy city"
Nevýhody: "We were staying in Oslo for 21 hours, but we thought that the checked baggage would stay at the airport. Instead it came out at baggage claim. We even asked the Norwegian staff multiple times whether we have to pick it up in Oslo; they said, 'No.' They said that it would remain at the airport. When we got back to the airport we had unnecessary stress of finding our luggage in some unclaimed baggage office. We almost missed the flight. Norwegian staff needs to be knowledgeable about how baggage is handled."
Nevýhody: "Only two self check-in kiosks were working. The flight was delayed two hours and there were no updates."
Výhody: "They waited so long before notifying passengers of the problem"
Nevýhody: "No refreshments were provided to a whole passenger group while they waited in a line to find out what to do and at the end things were still not resolved"
Výhody: "Worst ever. Never recommend to anyone."
Výhody: "Superb jets."
Nevýhody: "Norwegian doesn't provide food or drinks and it wasn't clear at the time of purchasing a ticket. Norwegian airlines call center customer service rep wasn't able to provide a price of 1st checked-in bag and refered to the entity that sold a ticket."
Výhody: "Crew were pleasant."
Nevýhody: "In first class: Seats were as hard as wooden benchs and seating area was minimal. Food did not meet the quality of fast food. Sound system was staticky and basically unusable. In economy: The seating area is sufficient for small children only. Nothing is provided for passenger comfort, not even water."
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed by 1 1/2 hours. Missing my connecting flight from Oslo to Munich"
Nevýhody: "I had to pay for seating"
Nevýhody: "Seats are too close together!"
Výhody: "There were TVs"
Nevýhody: "The process to check in in nyc was unbelievably disorganized, inefficient, and superfluous. The planes were consistently late. thw staff was rude."
Nevýhody: "Seats too small in economy"
Nevýhody: "On an international flight, one would expect at least a meal to be included. But you had to pay, and had to prebook. So without that knowledge I had to overpay for some very basic snacks. Also had to pay to choose a seat and for checking a bag. I've never had to pay for any of this on an international flight before. Tray tables were miserably low too, and I'm not a large person by any means. They hit my lap and left me no room to adjust. Very uncomfortable flight all around."
Výhody: "Crew onboard very nice Comfort in the plane better than expected"
Nevýhody: "First flight was late. Difficult to have information on what to do. It was either try to go and get your correspondence or wait for the next day, no alternative. Crew at the airport (NCE) were really not knowledgeable, they didn’t know if hotel was covered in case of a missed correspondence, they didn’t know if the next gate would be close by or if it was needed to go back to security..."
Výhody: "I liked how super nice and friendly the staff was."
Výhody: "Plane was new - clean"
Nevýhody: "I flew business class which really is just bigger seats/more legroom than economy. One of the 2 heads was out of order in business class. Also no earphones/headsets were available - even for sale. The food was equivalent to economy and you had to pay for additional “snacks”"
Výhody: "Direct flight"
Nevýhody: "I was thought that when i purchased/booked my flight in Norwegian Air that the food"
Nevýhody: "First time with this airline, so didn't know what to expect. All food, including water, must be purchased. No big deal if prepared for it, but different compared to other airlines that customarily provide non-alcoholic drinks or at least cups of water on long-haul flights."
Výhody: "Great vehicle - quiet engines, good lighting, good seats. Very good value. Staff was perfectly fine, ignore these other moronic reviews from the snowflakes who feel the need to be treated like royalty"
Výhody: "The plane itself and the entertainment system. The captin flew the plane very welll!"
Nevýhody: "No good no snacks and having to ask for water . You have to pay for everything from water to a snack. Not even nuts are included in the purchase . Don't think i would fly again with them"
Výhody: "Great plane and good food. Onboard service was good. Boarding agent needs to be fired."
Nevýhody: "Rude boarding agent picked on people he didn't like and made exceptions for others"
Výhody: "787 dreamliner was ok"
Nevýhody: "$260 dollars to check 2 carryon bags that weighed 11kilos and would have been allowed on any other airline for free...."
Výhody: "The airplane itself is lovely."
Nevýhody: "The entertainment selection. More Norwegian and Scandinavian choices would be nice."
Výhody: "Comfortable seats, entertainment system, good meals, friendly crew!"
Výhody: "Having complementary movies, tv shows and games were the only upside to the flight."
Nevýhody: "This flight pinched EVERY penny possible! No blankets/pillows no wifi access no complementary beverages and no food was provided. The food that you could purchased sold out hours before the flight arrived to the destination and the bag snacks you pay for tasted like cardboard. The attendants were fine and the flight was smooth."
Výhody: "Nothing to like"
Nevýhody: "Flight attendants did not offer water even once. When asked them to bring some told me to get it myself. Sits were super uncomfortable, had to pay for blankets, no snacks were offered. Flight was late by more than an hour both ways. Had to pay for 1 bag and the weight limit is much lower than in other airlines. Also airport is one of the most inconvenient ones. To transfer you have to pick up and drop off your bags. Along with the customs and passport control you would have to wait in 6 lines to transfer within airport. Staff is not helful and is indifferent. Direction signs are small and hard to find."
Výhody: "Food and entertainment okay"
Nevýhody: "All Norwegian Airlines staff I encountered were rude, surly, impatient, unhelpful. English language standard poor."
Výhody: "Brand new plane 2 chargers per seat Don't overbook/overcrowd flights Didn't charge for checked luggage"
Výhody: "The windows you could make them light or dark"
Nevýhody: "We had a 10 hour flight we were so cramped we could barely move, the crew were miserable and failed to interact with many passengers. While I was in America I ran out of money and tried to contact the air line which they responded to my message but then took my details and to this day I'm still waiting for a reply for the earlier flight home ( considering I'm home now but I wasn't impressed with that. Overall I wouldn't fly with this airline again. Awful experience"
Výhody: "I loved it"
Nevýhody: "This airliner ruined the last few days of my vacation, including my nye celebration. My flight was delayed for 5hrs on both of my connecting flights!! POS airliner"
Výhody: "My husband and I flew from London to Los Angeles on the Dreamliner. Check-in at the airport was quick and easy. Other than a delay of 45 minutes in London to change a tire on the plane, the flight was quite pleasant, The seats were comfortable & in excellent condition with a good amount of leg room. Entertainment was varied and easily accessible on the back of the seat in front."
Nevýhody: "I didn't like the fact that the dishes that were available where very spicy, I can't eat spicy foods so there wasn't an alternative"
Výhody: "Great crew and comfortable seat"
Výhody: "The size of hand luggage"
Výhody: "seats were spacious. Crew was courteous"
Výhody: "there was not enough space between sitting rows"
Výhody: "Major flight delay"
Nevýhody: "Everything ans basically no updates or info about what was happening."
Nevýhody: "It’s was late both out and return"
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed. Very little communication"
Nevýhody: "Excellent flight, only issue was flight information from Captain was spoken too fast and it was hard to understand what was said...please ask them to slow down their speech on the in flight announcements, cabin staff were fine"
Výhody: "Very friendly experience...The crew members were courteous!!!"
Nevýhody: "Amazing experience...."
Výhody: "Crew were nice and situations like this are out of their control."
Nevýhody: "Boarding was disorganised! Passengers were rude and shoving people out the way! Too many suitcases on board that then had to be taken off and checked into the hold. Had a rude guy sat next to me who literally took up half my seat too and leg space."
Výhody: "The EasyJet staff both in LGW & PRG were excellent. I felt they went out of their way to accommodate our needs. They were all friendly and professional. EasyJet will be our go to airline for our flights to London and back."
Nevýhody: "Though I’m not sure it is easyjet’s Fault, I didn’t like that in LGW the board said the flight was delayed an hour, but left on time. Could have gone horribly wrong had we procrastinated thinking that we had extra time."
Výhody: "Fast flight"
Nevýhody: "Standing around 30 minutes in gate before boarding."
Výhody: "All good"
Nevýhody: "n/A"
Nevýhody: "Stewart jeune et immature, changement de gate 20 minutes avant le départ et avion un peu retardé. J'ai pris une petite valise à main qui devait rester avec moi dans l'avion avec plein de chose fragile à l'intérieur mais malgré toute la place disponible dans l'avion pour la mettre, un Stewart sans explication m'a demandé de la mettre en soute. En effet, je vais pas vous mentir que je n'ai pas bien réagi à sa demande désagréable car la taille et le poid de mon baggage à main concordait avec les règles mise en place par "easyJet". Je me lève un peu plus tard pour demander un simple verre d'eau au même steward qui m'a stoppé pour ma valise, mais celui ci avait décidé de me faire "chié" jusqu'à la fin en prenant tout son temps pour me remplir mon verre d'eau et au lieu de me le donner directement, il a préféré le garder quelque minutes dans sa main en me regardant d'un air moqueurs. Enfin j'ai voulu essayer "easyJet" pour la première fois mais vraiment plus jamais."
Nevýhody: "Single bag policy is unnecessary, it only creates discomfort in the experience with easy jet."
Výhody: "Everything waa straightforward. No major issues."
Nevýhody: "Our seats did not recline. In addition, the gate to board at the Amsterdam airport would benefit from more chairs as everyone was waiting in a line for some time while waiting to board."
Nevýhody: "We were three and a quarter hours delayed"
Výhody: "On time flight"
Nevýhody: "Bristol airport security."
Výhody: "Amazing"
Nevýhody: "Didnt get notification that flight is delay while other did"
Nevýhody: "Messing with luggage size"
Nevýhody: "forced to have cabin bag taken away as hold luggage when they ran out of over head space athough it was small enough to fit under seat - very rude Easyjet staff at boarding who did not want to understand situation. thanks to being delayed by hold luggage pick up missed my connecting journey"
Nevýhody: "My luggage was lost possible it was stolen by the checkin desk, and they are not helping but a very minute amount"
Výhody: "Very helpful and friendly cabin crew"
Nevýhody: "Pilots didn’t make any contact to the passengers. Very weird"
Výhody: "The process was uneventful but comfortable all round.. we left right on time and arrived back right on time."
Nevýhody: "Nothing."
Výhody: "Crew and plane were good"
Nevýhody: "Why do they call us to the gate and then stop us from walking to the plane for ages."
Nevýhody: "The boarding is terrible in Budapest. Nothing too specific about easyjet, but the gates that they have there is really weird (gate a12 to a19). You basically have to step out of the airport to go on the runway, to reach a secondary building right next to the plan. The issue is that its freezing outside and in this building. And since it's a boarding gate you easily have to wait 20-30 minutes standing up in the cold. Even worse, some people couldn't fit in the building since the line was too long, so they had to wait outside by -1°C."
Nevýhody: "They had us stuck on a bus with no air flow on the tarmac for quite a bit while they sorted things out"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Flight late, priority boarding complete waste of money as it was a feee for all and unorganised to board the plane. I was sitting in seat 1f and they had already sold out of the breakfast I wanted to buy? How can that be when I was the first customer to serve. Appalling service Fromm easy jet overall."
Výhody: "I was happy that we had assigned seats. It used to be that everyone boarded and got the seats they could manage."
Výhody: "The plane had been refitted with the new slimline seats which give more space. The actual flight was good and easyJet are very good at accommodating disabled passengers on board."
Nevýhody: "The plane was delayed but we were called to gate regardless and had to stand on the airplane ramp for a long time, then the pilot announced he'd missed his rake-off slot and we had to sit on tarmac for further hour. The pilot, note any other staff, apologised for delay upon landing despite it being the fault of staff boarding customers so slowly and pilot not pushing back in time to get allocated take-off slot. I will be avoiding easyJet flights to/from Gatwick as they are ALWAYS delayed."
Výhody: "Once I got to the plane, everything was fine. The crew did their best to accommodate everyone. ."
Nevýhody: "It was getting there that was a pain. I am a handicapped passenger, traveling alone, walking on a cane. When you enter Terminal 1, you have to turn left and walk about 150 meters to an "assistance station" to get a wheelchair before you even check in for the flight. So for me it was walk 150 meters to wait for a wheelchair, be wheeled back to the airline's desk to check in, then go back the way you came to pass through security. (By the way, in the UK, you must remove all gels for a separate inspection, meaning toothpaste and shampoo, and they must be 100ml or less, or else you must check the bag.) After that rigmarole, you don't even go to the gate, because the flight doesn't have a gate assignment until about 35 minutes before departure. Then I had to climb stairs to get to the cabin. Shouldn't an airport in a market this large have jet bridges for every flight?"
Nevýhody: "It seems to be a particular quirk of British Airports that gates are not announced until shortly before flight departure. I really dislike this because instead of making one's way direct to the gate and relaxing at the gate, one must wait in a crowded "shopping mall" with no view of the aircraft, and then when the gate is announced, make a mad rush to the gate. The rest of the world can give the gate well ahead of time, why can't Britain do the same?"
Výhody: "Crew was nice and the wide aisle was a bonus! I liked the magazine a lot. Overall it was an average flying experience, no problems."
Nevýhody: "I didn't love taking a bus to and from the plane but maybe that is fairly standard in Europe. I wish there was wifi/USB plug on the plane or at least tvs. I didn't have any food or see any entertainment offered so I cannot speak to that! I am unclear on the baggage allowances for this airline and it seemed to be dependent on the employee you happened upon, but everyone was nice and professional."
Výhody: "The crew was polite and friendly"
Nevýhody: "It was delayed like the previous flight with easyJet to the holiday destination"
Výhody: "The cabin staff were awesome, and a credit to the company"
Nevýhody: "Nothing, all good"
Výhody: "No problems at all. Didn't have food so can't comment."
Výhody: "Legroom was great Seats do not recline which means you always have plenty of legroom Boarding was civilised Crew were friendly"
Výhody: "Clean cabin."
Nevýhody: "I always seem to sit next to an obese passenger who simply cannot fit in one seat (so they spill into mine)."
Výhody: "Friendly and competent crew."
Nevýhody: "Everything costs money"
Výhody: "Efficient service and arrived ahead of time"
Nevýhody: "Cramped seating"
Výhody: "I liked the feeling of being free from the horror of the mean stewardess in common airlines. They harass you and interrupt you at all times, while playing boarding school mean head-teacher. Here at ezj, i brought my own food and entertainment, and was free to rest for the duration of the flight without any of those harassments. and so, combined with the fantastic price, this was a nice and refreshing experience,"
Nevýhody: "being unable to lean the chair back. this is a major con for me."
Výhody: "Everyone was so nice and friendly....lovely!!"
Výhody: "Gave us.hard time with the hand laggage"
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed for 1.5 hours on the runway. We were told we would receive a free beverage and snack however the cart never made it down to the end half of the plane so we couldn't even get a drink of water for almost 4 hours until we landed. The crew did not name any apologies and a woman in the row next to me pressed the assistance button to ask a question and they completely ignored her until we landed."
Výhody: "The crew were lovely; very friendly and helpful. Comfortable flight; lovely food."
Výhody: "El vuelo estuvo aceptable, y la atención del personal en el aeropuerto fue bueno."
Nevýhody: "El abordaje fue desagradable. Estaba lloviendo mucho, hacía frío y abordamos desde el aire libre. Salimos desde la sala de espera, nos movilizaron en un autobús, que duró mucho tiempo en partir ya con las personas sobre él, y con las puertas abiertas. Después, la salida del autobús y el abordaje, lloviendo, fue muy desorganizada."
Výhody: "The crew was wonderful, and boarding relatively easy."
Nevýhody: "I waited over an hour after the flight to pick up my luggage- something that is completely unacceptable to me."
Výhody: "Easy and smooth boarding, on time"
Nevýhody: "Cannot lean backward the seat, no complementary drinks at all, laggege cost too expensive"
Výhody: "Flights were on time. Boarding was quick with front and rear boarding."
Nevýhody: "Tight seats."
Výhody: "Cheap & on time"
Nevýhody: "Utterly no frills. Seats are neither comfortable nor recline."
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