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Najděte levné lety do Hajdarábádu

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Hajdarábád Rajiv Gandhi Intl
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Qatar Airways
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Výhody: "Although my flight was canceled they quickly found me a flight on another airline and provided me with a hotel room for the night"

Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Need improvements"

Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Crew is very slow in serving and removing spiked plates. Food menu is very limited and not even asking for Tea or coffee, very poor service, feedback alone they ask verbally and thank to be positive. Late boarding not proper announcements"

Výhody: "Another confirmation of excellent QA service."
Nevýhody: "Nothing."

Výhody: "Crew was great, seating was cramped."
Nevýhody: "Seating."

Výhody: "Absolutely professional!"
Nevýhody: "Nothing all perfect"

Výhody: "Crew is friendly and polite. The guy at the boarding who made my day after all my nervous story with boarding pass! With his one sentence and sweet behavior the difficult transatlantic trip became more comfortable."
Nevýhody: "In Tbilisi there were problems with boarding pass from Doha to NYC, as they said at desk than I’ll git it in Doha without problems. The arrival was late, wat Doha’s desk they tried to give me boarding oass , but at last sent to the information desk, at that time I had only 1 hr before departure, lazy woman at dest was not so much helpful and friendly, at last I’ve got the boarding and run to the gate as crazy. It was possible to say that I can got it at the gate too"

Výhody: "The crew was nice but never got the menu."
Nevýhody: "The crew was amazing and delightful but should provide food to kids first before even those special diet or vegetarians."

Výhody: "Staff was nice and polite and helpful to me. The plane is pretty much on time or little delay. The boarding is early but I guess it helps with getting everyone on board and be on time."
Nevýhody: "There are 2-3 choices per meal for us to choose on the menu but some of the choice already gone by the time they serve us. I feel like menu is useless if we were forced to eat what have left."

Výhody: "Great crew"
Nevýhody: "The food didn’t necessarily agree with me but it tasted good and there was plenty of it."

Výhody: "Excellent"

Výhody: "Everything"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"

Výhody: "Much better than average meals"
Nevýhody: "more cell phone charging stations at the airport"

Výhody: "Yes"

Výhody: "Plane design was nice"
Nevýhody: "Selecting food online was misleading; felt we had to select something then. We learned later that it was just special diets that required online selection."

Nevýhody: "It was delayed 3hrs but no regret from staff. Doha to staff very bad and arrogant"

Výhody: "Comfort in long foight was amazing. Never felt tired. Upgraded movie collection. Food was great."
Nevýhody: "Carry on baggage allowance is way too low. Only 7kgs including laptop bag is too low for international travel. TV screens were a bit old enough and had to click multiple times."

Nevýhody: "Ok"

Výhody: "Last row seats are never optimal but tha flight attendants were above par!!!"
Nevýhody: "Wonderful people! Cannot day enough about the difference that makes."

Výhody: "Crew were very helpful and courteous"

Nevýhody: "The gentleman next to me had broad shoulders, so I spent most of the flight with my body a bit twisted, and eating without being able to move my right arm normally was undesirable. The cabin was kept a bit warm throughout the flight. We had a long wait (30 - 45 minutes after leaving the gate) before takeoff."

Výhody: "Great services"
Nevýhody: "Boarding slow"

Výhody: "Crew"

Výhody: "service, food and cleanness"

Výhody: "The cabin crew was very helpful and cheerful and everyone had a smile on their face."
Nevýhody: "Entertainment devices are slow to respond."

Výhody: "Boarding"
Nevýhody: "Comfort"

Výhody: "Staff worked fast to feed and water everyone."

Výhody: "Food was better. Seating was comfortable."

Výhody: "Great food, great help when travelling with baby, affordable price. Entertainment system was a bit annoying with unusable unresponsive touchscreen and unintuitive menu."

Výhody: "I love the smiley flight attendant , especially for long distance flight. It would make it better trip to have smiley and helpful flight attendant. The meals provided by QA is good. it would be better with more fresh fruit on every meals."

Výhody: "service and staff was polite & friendly"

Výhody: "The friendliness of the staff from check in to arrival!"

Nevýhody: "They lost my bag and that’s disappointing considering I have my bank account details in that bag. Very disappointed by this"

Výhody: "All the stewards were so friendly and helpful. The facilities were very well serviced and so you forget that the plane was 100% full, despite long queues to the toilets. I would fly again with Qatar Air for sure."

Výhody: "on my flight from bkk to Doha all the flight attendants were very helpful. One in particular with the name Mary Jane, was very helpful and she stood out among the rest. Thank you for your kindness and help when I couldn't eat some of the foods on board. Whom can I write an email to so that I can be sure that she gets noticed for her work? Thank you"

Výhody: "Courteous, helpful and professional crew members."
Nevýhody: "No internet service on long international flight. Boarding process for business class could be better."

Výhody: "best airline food ever"
Nevýhody: "for an international carrier, leg room is horribly cramped. singapore airlines and qantas offer better leg room in their economy class seats."

Nevýhody: "I planned a wonderful vacation for my birthday only to face a horrible experience. Not only was the flight uncomfortable, but my television did not work. There was a huge box underneath the seat in front of me which prevented me from stretching my legs outward. The television was on but the screen itself wasn't operating. I reached for the remote located in the armrest only to find the entire piece missing. Only the base was there. I asked the flight attendents three times if I can move to an empty seat and they said "give me a moment". The moment never came. I really expected more from this airline."

Výhody: "Everythinగ"
Nevýhody: "Nil"

Výhody: "Not much"
Nevýhody: "One of bags was missing and I came to know this only after waiting until the last bag. The staff knew that my bag did not make it out of Doha. It would have been nice if I was informed as soon as I landed so I did not have to wait for an hour unnecessarily. And the paperwork to report the missing baggage was totally Chaotic. Whoever barged to the counter and was aggressive got priority and taking down the details and giving us a receipt. This is probably my 5 or 6 flight in Qatar and it seems that you guys are slipping up as Emirates had done. Hope you don't."

Nevýhody: "Late gatw announcement so we waited for quite sometime in front of the electronic board"

Výhody: "landed safely"
Nevýhody: "Had to claim bags at Doha and go through multiple security screenings to board connecting flight. At one point all the security was not functioning and we were packed up in lines. Barely had time to stop at the restroom before final security check where it was all so disorganized. After that check we were told that if we left we had to go through security again. Would have been nice to know that upfront. It was a madhouse going through that final security check and my husband's wallet was lost for a bit. No one really tried to help and we were told to move aside. Finally someone saw that it had fallen beside one of the counters. It was all horrible. Because of all this our 5 hour layover was a hassle with no time for food, etc. The whole airport experience was confusing and badly handled."

Výhody: "Incredible staff, fast boarding, great entertainment center."
Nevýhody: "Breakfast frittata was like rubber."

Nevýhody: "I had cancelled my flight with qatar airways due to the current political problems. My ticket was booked through the agent They have handled the issue terribly. To start with. They said that they have to charge me a $615 penalty on top of the $750 i had payed for the ticket for cancellation. They mentioned that ill be refunded my $750 from qatar as they got a waiver for me. I received $250 from qatar airways and nothing yet. Airfare's customer service staff is highly uncooperative and v rude"

Nevýhody: "I have flown previously with Qatar and was not so impressed. Everything was great this trip up until my return to the United States. I should have suspected a problem when I was requested to change seat in order to assist a family who were in separate seats. Moving was difficult as the plane was being loaded. I managed to get to the seat offered to find someone sitting in it. To top it off the individual was wearing a surgical mask and carrying a large immigration bag. I requested a seat forward but I was denied and I later saw other passengers moved forward to seats that I was denied. If I had known that the flight would have been full of possibility sick immigrants I would have chosen another flight or airline. At certain times the smells were very bad. I felt as a ff member I should have been treated better or been made aware of possible health risks."

Výhody: "Boarding and Seat comfort was good"
Nevýhody: "Food quantity in each service was not sufficient. Food quality ok. Cabin baggage limit of 15 lb/7kg per bag is awfully inadequate that renders the standard cabin baggage useless"

Nevýhody: "I've never had this huge an issue on check in. Set us back over 45 minutes, and we could not get the VAT refund. I will not be paying more to fly on Qatar again based on our incoming and outgoing issues. I wouldn't rate it any higher than other cheaper options."

Výhody: "***You're asking me about a flight that hasn't happened yet. I'm rating my flight FROM LOS ANGELES TO DOHA, 10/23/2016, here: Flight attendants were very good, helpful, gracious. For a long flight the restrooms stayed clean."
Nevýhody: "The food was over cooked, and lacked freshness. I had to have the same meal twice because they ran out of the omelettes. Next time I will try Emirates."

Výhody: "Good though. But not too comfortable with indiscriminate change of seats. Was held up in Doha because my seat was changed."

Výhody: "Business class on Emirates is always top-class. Very comfortable. Friendly crew. Easy boarding and disembarking. Good drinks. What's not to like?"
Nevýhody: "Food was a less impressive menu due to COVID, more like what you'd get in economy class. But we can't blame the crew for not wanting to do close-up personal service like in the past, during a pandemic. We enjoyed another drink to make up for the lower quality food!"

Výhody: "The spirit despite the COVID19 scare. Serving on an India bound flight from the Gulf is never easy"
Nevýhody: "We need to promote paper free boarding passes for whoever can afford. Atleast an endeavor."

Výhody: "Some crew members are not helpful with simple requests, not even an update about the request from multiple employees. Used to consider Emirates the best in hospitality. Food was awful on some parts of the journey."

Výhody: "Crew was great"
Nevýhody: "The seats were pretty stiff compared to the A380 business class seats on my preceding flight."

Nevýhody: "Very nice"

Nevýhody: "The seats were so uncomfortable , the leg space was too small ."

Výhody: "The crew were attentive and friendly."

Nevýhody: "Far too low temperature settings"

Výhody: "Hospitality, service, crew and everything was well"

Nevýhody: "cabin crew's service - men far behind women esp.when serving food. Not up to the mark."

Výhody: "All great!"

Výhody: "Great and friendly cabin crew. Lots of movies to chose. Food was great."
Nevýhody: "All was great"

Výhody: "Everything other than food"
Nevýhody: "While they gave good AVML food on DXB-HYD flight, not sure what stops them from repeating it on SFO-DXB flight., It was worst to the end."

Nevýhody: "Food"

Nevýhody: "Emirates charging for duty free merchandise bought in Dubai. It is ridiculous that they add the weight of the duty free merchandise to your carry on luggage and charge at the gate. If I have known that I could have shopped in Dubai duty free. The customer service person was very rude too."

Nevýhody: "Usually, on the night flights you get a small toileteries kit with ear plugs, eye cover and a toothbrush. I kind of missed that..."

Výhody: "Staff is very good. Always smile on face."

Nevýhody: "Service crew"

Výhody: "I like everything, every boby"

Výhody: "I loved the food, wide selection of movies and more leg room. Even the luggage was better handled by this airline. For extra 20 pounds, you pay 50 dollars which is pretty reasonable..."
Nevýhody: "Can’t complain about a thing."

Výhody: "On time."

Nevýhody: "they have changed how they serve drinks and food. they used to do that separately. now they club it together."

Výhody: "The flight was on time"
Nevýhody: "I travelled internationally after 4 years. When I boarded my flight in New York, nobody cared to weigh my carry obs. However at my transit, while I was about to board the next flight, they weighed it and asked me to pay 100$ extra. If the airlines didn't allow more than 7 kilos carry on, they should have weighed it at the beginning of my trip since I had lots of room left in my check in and would have adjusted the luggage."

Výhody: "My third time with Emirates. This time on an Airbus A380 from Prague to Dubai. Simply put, wow! Everything about this aircraft and flight was outstanding, from the aircraft itself, to the crew to the in flight service and the comfort of the seat,"
Nevýhody: "Can't think of anything. Really."

Nevýhody: "seats wouldn't recline, they say it is a mechanical, I had to sit uncomfortably for 16 hrs"

Výhody: "I liked the entertainment and the cabin crew is very welcomjng and nice smaile on their faces."
Nevýhody: "The leg room for tall guys isrediculous and if i had to get more leroom even in international flights they r charging. Ive not bren charged in domestic flights till now for leg room. And the food shoydl be changed and please give sime yhing more filling."

Nevýhody: "Emirates checkin staff in India charging fees unnecessarily. Don’t know it is Emirates decision or Indian staff . I hate to travel again through Emirates ."

Výhody: "Service was some what better than in the business class."
Nevýhody: "I requested special meal when booked my ticket. I was told no vegetarian meal or sea food except for chicken and was given a just a roll and desert. Half an hour later after I finished what was served I was asked if I wanted left over vegitarian dish??????"

Výhody: "I am pleased to travel and thanks to Emirates."

Výhody: "Food was good and seating was comfortable."
Nevýhody: "That i could not step out for a 7 hour layover in dubai. transit visa should be granted even for that duration."

Nevýhody: "Seats are cramped and uncomfortable"

Výhody: "All are good."
Nevýhody: "Served vegetarian, I am very happy."

Výhody: "Food and entertainment. Didn't crash."
Nevýhody: "There is no leg room, and the seats are so small that everyone ends up leaning on each other. Better pray that you neighbor doesn't show up. Ever tried to eat while in such close proximity to another human? Totally not recommended, yet it's a requirement on these flights. I was not able to eat at the same time as my neighbors. I let them eat first, then ate my food."

Výhody: "Entertainment good and crew"
Nevýhody: "Boarding in milan horribly disorganized."

Výhody: "food"

Výhody: "I loved the bigger screens and the fact that I could watch movies from the monument I boarded and did not have to wait until take off! I also loved the use of real cutlery in economy. The flight was fantastic. The toilets in economy are spacious too."
Nevýhody: "The leg room could be a wee bit better. Then again, I was in economy."

Výhody: "food and timing services staff behavior and treats excellent"
Nevýhody: "pls replace drinking water bottles (small) in the place of cups"

Výhody: "Excellent service in flight and nice food"

Nevýhody: "We waited for our luggage more than one hour which was more than the flight time from Bahrain to Dubai. That is why I described my trip as poor"

Výhody: "Good welcome and feeling comfort and safe and good lunch"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"

Výhody: "Good, friendly service. Also was given a meal for a 1.5 hr flight!"

Nevýhody: "Nothing"

Výhody: "Great hospitality from the crew and quality plane facilities."

Nevýhody: "I wish they had consistent cabin bag policy through out the journey."

Výhody: "The response and service of Airhostesses are outstanding. I have to mention specially the assistance their supervisor provided to me when I have felt a little breathlessness and her constant attention on me to ensure I am normal and comfortable. Unfortunately I do not remember her name. Thanks to her and her team I felt at home."
Nevýhody: "Vegetarian food would be good if it was less spicy."

Výhody: "I enjoyed excellent service of this airline"

Nevýhody: "I pre-selected the Asian Veg Meal but they were out and I didn't get any meal because of that."

Výhody: "Excellent"

Výhody: "I had an empty seat next to me"
Nevýhody: "A big lady sat in the empty seat because it was on the isle....dang it"

Nevýhody: "Quality of mattress is way inferior to the one given in the Boston to Dubai leg."

Výhody: "Seats were very comfortabe"
Nevýhody: "Food was not great. It took over an hour for the bags to come through at JFK."

Výhody: "The crew was helpful and nice"
Nevýhody: "Better seats and cost should be less"

Výhody: "This flight and seat was definitely more comfortable than going to HongKong- space was ver cramped before."
Nevýhody: "Vegetarian meals can be better, breakfast eggs get over cooked and rice also."

Nevýhody: "Baggage handling was poor"

Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Seating at the gate is strange. They just have people line up in any order and board them in that order. People run to form the line. Totally ridiculous. Food was awful. I have no idea what to even call the items they served. Audio jack was literally being held together with tape! Loose connection."

Výhody: "Yes for both."
Nevýhody: "Nothing."

Výhody: "Crew was good. Seating was great because I had 2 empty seats next to me and was able to sleep much more than ever on long flight to Asia."
Nevýhody: "I had to pay to get seat selection in advance of 48 hours which I have never had to do for a flight. I should have got a warning from Kayak about this. As it is, that was not needed because plenty of empty seats and could have got window seat without paying for advance."

Výhody: "Our flight was delayed 45 in Chicago due to ice on the wings. Then about 10 mins of holding to land. With a 90 min lay over, unboarding and reboarding was rushed......but Cathay and security did their best I feel, It was only a 90 min flight and I didn't eat or watch a movie."
Nevýhody: "Again, being 6-4, I struggle with comfort and after having no time to rest while switching planes, I was exhausted when I arrived in Manila."

Výhody: "Handing our menus in economy class was a nice touch. Service on board was very attentive."

Výhody: "I was fortunate to be upgraded as a frequent flyer on this airline"
Nevýhody: "Poor cabin crew service in this instance."

Výhody: "Service, Luggage handling"
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed, Boarding was haphazard, Food was ok at best"

Výhody: "The headline says it all!"

Výhody: "Crew provided excellent service, seats were comfortable and food and drinks were great."

Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Too cramped not enough space staff are not friendly will not fly Cathay again"

Výhody: "Every aspect was smooth and efficient."

Nevýhody: "The seats seemed like they had no padding and it kept stabbing me in the back. Seat belts were so thick and hard i couldn't lean in any direction to get comfortable as it would stab me. My partner and I were also seated separately. Painful flight, disappointed."

Výhody: "The crew and entire ground staff very courteous. Good entertainment choices. Crew tried their best to make a good experience."
Nevýhody: "Decent 777 planes, but felt dated and very cramped. Food was disgusting and limited options."

Nevýhody: "couldnt find anything to complain about"

Nevýhody: "I was pushed to a later flight with another company because the plane was overbooked."

Výhody: "Food is ok."
Nevýhody: "Washrooms are small and dirty."

Výhody: "The crew are great and the food is good .Excellent service"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"

Výhody: "Service"
Nevýhody: "Old aircraft"

Výhody: "onetime, efficient, well-managed"
Nevýhody: "not very good food and not enough of it cramped"

Nevýhody: "Food"

Výhody: "The crew is nice. You can order snacks in between meals."
Nevýhody: "Our flight was cancelled and we were automatically placed on another EARLIER flight and we weren't notified. I found out the morning of our original flight, as our new flight was about to board. I still haven't figured out who was responsible for this snafu - the airline or Webjet customer service was horrible and offensive when I tried to explain to them what happened; they said it was my responsibility to check the time. I would disagree - the customer is ultimately supposed to get an email notifying them of the flight change, giving them options. Based on that phone call with Webjet, I will NEVER do business with them again. As for the flight cancellation issue - if Kayak could help me get to the bottom of this, that would be appreciated."

Výhody: "Nothing"

Nevýhody: "We opted for wheel chair but in Hong Kong we were nor given wheelchair and not informed about it to the passengers. They were not guided to the required flight destination in Hong Kong. When requested for some fruits during their flight they were not given any fruits or juice also."

Nevýhody: "Pls see above comments"

Výhody: "Entertainment choices, wine, charger"
Nevýhody: "Food Choice and Alcoholic choices"

Výhody: "Everything."
Nevýhody: "Nothing."

Výhody: "- Crew friendly and helpful"
Nevýhody: "- very uncomfortable flight - seated with someone who whined and complained the whole way - could not sleep as the person behind me snored loudly the whole night - Was sitting in the isle seat and kept getting hit in the arm every time the trolley went by"

Výhody: "Travelling with a 1 yr old, the extra leg room and space in the bassinet seats was appreciated. Service and help from staff was outstanding. Recommend for travelling with young children. Minimises the pain!"
Nevýhody: "We were late leaving HK but that is all. Minor in overall scheme of the journey."

Nevýhody: "Seat didn't recline"

Výhody: "The food was great, 2 free bags checked, free food and free movies! Very nice staff all around amazing."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"

Výhody: "Service with hospitality impressed me.Prefer to travel in cathay pacific air lines in future travel plans."

Výhody: "Cathay Pacific provided excellent service."

Nevýhody: "Inform me hours before boarding a flight delay and layover time to connect to second flight extended from 2 to 18 hours. Called customer service for further info and arrangement. Long wait on calls and no definite answer if hotel will be provided. Customer service ny and hk no coordination and bounced me from one party to another. Poor attitude of Cathay at NY JFK Airport counter who showed indifference and claimed too busy to take attention."

Výhody: "Overall service excellent."
Nevýhody: "The gap time between the connecting flight is short u have to pass the security and after that a long walk going to the gate of the next flight other than that it's excellent. My concern is if the passenger has a health problem he/she going to have a shortness of breath. The crew/staff who assist me excellent."

Výhody: "Stewardesses were cordial"
Nevýhody: "would it be possible to get some Christian-friendly movies? Seats were cramped."

Nevýhody: "Veg meal and breakfast quality was not good. Delhi to hong Kong and from there to LA. Crew member service was not good for economy class."

Výhody: "seating was very good and confortable, nothing to complain about"

Nevýhody: "Blankets were very thin, although clean felt reused. Headphones were poor which meant if Someone in a near seat was talking couldn't hear through my headset despite volume being turned up."

Výhody: "Was ok"
Nevýhody: "there was any type of organization"

Výhody: "crew was great, seaating was best and very comfortable, seem;s seat's were a bit wider and little more leg room. Fight's were on time and landed early, food was very good and service was top's"
Nevýhody: "there was nothing that I didn't like"

Výhody: "Good service. Flight attendants are nice, food is not bad."
Nevýhody: "The seats on this plane were worse than the ones on the shorter flight. Maybe it was just an older aircraft, but you'd think the longer flights would have the more comfortable seats."

Nevýhody: "I felt the food was stale and not good at all."

Nevýhody: "I feel discriminated when was asked by your staff, "Would you like the pork with rice or the chicken with rice?." I am in hijab. Please be more sensitive. Thank you."

Výhody: "I was sat on the front row so the experience was greatly enhanced. The crew was courteous and efficient in their service. The meal quality was okay. I had a beef stir fry for dinner which was cooked well but bland. The morning omelette was good but too small in portion. The entertainment selection was fantastic."
Nevýhody: "I wish cathay does hot drinks runs during the flight given how cold the cabin was maintained."

Nevýhody: "No one went to clean up tolit at the whole trip, no hit towels to clean hands"

Nevýhody: "Delay delay delay !!! And nothing served. Not even a cup of water"

Výhody: "Not satisfied"
Nevýhody: "Need improvements"

Výhody: "Crew were very pleasant"

Výhody: "the headrests in the AUH-MAD leg"
Nevýhody: "the touchscreen inflight system didn’t work very well in the MNL-AUH leg of the trip"

Výhody: "Food was very bad so much salted"
Nevýhody: "Make the food delicious not crabs"

Nevýhody: "We lost an item and while we are in airport waiting for next flight even though we know it would have got recovered by airport staff there is no way of getting it back unless we download a form online , print , fill the form and sign , scan and send it in email to lost and found team. This is unlikely and complex process for anyone while in airport to get access to print, scan etc. we wish this was more simpler process Cabin was too cold and staff deny bluntly to make any adjustment saying some other set of passengers complained that cabin is warm.. I have not seen anyone who could sit around with out blanket on them and we had to get double blankets and wrap ourselves in there"

Výhody: "Short Leg, Crew Happy, pilot very informative, food was good, until the next flight (long haul) I got the same food. 2 seats together at the very back row. Checkin and boarding were fine"
Nevýhody: "The toilet flushed when I was still on the toilet seat. Happened again on the long haul sector. The take a very long time to switch on the entertainment and turn it off as soon as decent commences- so if you have air traffic problems - it could be off for an hr before and after takeoff and landing. unnecessary as most people have their own headsets as well. We"

Výhody: "Vegetarian meal."
Nevýhody: "Due to the delay of the first flight, I had to run until my heart aches to catch my second flight in time. Not many people spoke English"

Výhody: "Boarding, crew, food remained good. RR clean."
Nevýhody: "Plane older, seats and entertainment worn."

Výhody: "Comfo seat"
Nevýhody: "Too ismail for the seat"

Nevýhody: "food was bad in taste ,they present us just like give to baggers there was no serving in trays .pictures show in add. are all falls we did not get that kind of food in our whole trip . for exps .in dinner they serve 2 small buns filled with 2 leave of spinch 1 bean barito 1small piece of chocolate for desert. for breakfast was lentel,with mashed patatos.when I asked for somthing else.reply was we do not have anything i did not have anything in my 15 houre flight."

Výhody: "Flight was very comfortable from boarding to landing."
Nevýhody: "Food was just very normal and lack variety. Should provide more options."

Výhody: "I asked for dental kit and flight crew gave me one."

Výhody: "Though I missed the Outbound flight, was given a seat on the next available flight and offered a free meal in the airport. Seating was very comfortable."
Nevýhody: "In-flight WIFI was very slow and felt a bit expensive. Boarding was a bit unorganized, but OK. Food was average and with no variety."

Výhody: "The crew das really nice"
Nevýhody: "Food"

Výhody: "US immigration was a breeze at Abu Dhabi. Online check in was not working. Abu Dhabi airport had a lot of options for passengers in transit. Flights were on time."
Nevýhody: "Food was terrible on the flight. Baggage was not handled properly."

Výhody: "In flight entertainment"
Nevýhody: "Air con"

Výhody: "The Airbus A321 flight was much more comfortable than the 1st leg. The service again was good"
Nevýhody: "There wasn't anything not to like."

Nevýhody: "The restrooms were not clean and stinky."

Výhody: "There is nothing much to like about the flight. The only good thing about Etihad is the pre clearance option at Abu Dhabi that saves a lot of time after landing in the US"
Nevýhody: "14+ hours of flying time where it can be done under 10 to 12 hours. Food is not good at all."

Výhody: "NOTHING!"
Nevýhody: "Abysmal experience on our return flight! # Abu Dhabi Airport is so outdated and an embarassment compared to the other Regional Airports # Boarding procedure still shambolic # A330 seems old and uncomfortable - even though it is a new plane # Cabin Crew so unfriendly and sour # Toilets again disgusting within 30 minutes after taking off # Food still shockingly disgusting # Onboard entertainment still inferior to Emirates/Qatar/etc."

Nevýhody: "Food and service was better before in 2016"

Nevýhody: "Aircraft"

Výhody: "Crew was friendly. Even though we were redirected to a new gate/plane and had half hour delay, our plane arrived on time."
Nevýhody: "Was stuck next to an overweight lady who was sitting partially in my seat and crowding me. My gate was changed and we were redirected to a ghetto looking area for the gate. My luggage was not delivered along with my flight and I had to file complaint to get it delivered. It caused lots of hardship as I had no way of contacting my family to let them know I had arrived and was safe. They were all worried when I didn't come out of the airport at Hyderabad in a timely manner since I traveled alone due to an emergency."

Výhody: "Free movies Cleanliness Friendly staff"
Nevýhody: "Provide free internet Use no plastic"

Nevýhody: "Leg room not good"

Výhody: "Everything was OK"
Nevýhody: "The e box entertainment options are very limited in terms of movies and tv series"

Nevýhody: "My son was sleeping during the meal service, so the crew said that they will put his meal aside. After he woke up we went to the crew and was asking some food then they said that we don't have any option except some bread. The bread is very cold and the food was not at all good. After 3 hours my son was hungry and I went ahead to the crew and was asking some food. But the crews answer was we cannot provide food since we have only some boxes and if we give it to you then we may not have sufficient food left for everyone else. I asked them when is the next meal. They said in few minutes but it took one hour and that meal was also just bread. What kind of airline doesn't provide food for kids when they are hungry. I am very disappointed and I would not recommend Etihad airlines for anyone traveling with children as they won't provide you food when your kid is hungry. Our seat lights were not working and when you press assistance button the crew came after 15minutes."

Nevýhody: "Baggage ground staff behavior is very bad..Not allowed me to carry stuff which I purchased inside the airport..will never travel and will also request my company not to buy tickets through Eithad"

Výhody: "Everything was good."
Nevýhody: "Entertainment could be improved in terms of choices."

Výhody: "Food"
Nevýhody: "Customer care"

Výhody: "Mostly punctual. Efficient staff service. Appropriate amount of food and drink served."
Nevýhody: "On my journey to Abu Dhabi the flight departure was delayed by an hour. Otherwise it was efficient - and on my return journey. The seating is uncomfortable - lack of leg room. Tv monitors are a little dull so hard to see. Food isn't that nice."

Výhody: "Good service"
Nevýhody: "No comments"

Výhody: "Punctual. Orderly pretty good crew. This flight is not that good usually"
Nevýhody: "No space for overhead luggage. Seats are not great."

Výhody: "Same like above"

Výhody: "NA"
Nevýhody: "NA"

Výhody: "The crew was attentive and genuinely friendly / helpful."
Nevýhody: "Many passengers were rude, standing in the aisle near the entry to the restroom / galley area. The crew repeatedly asked them to sit and they would sometimes ignore then outright and other times sit for a short while only to get up once again. For me the seat cushion was a bit hard for such a long flight."

Výhody: "On time / shedule ahead departure or arrival."
Nevýhody: "Seating arrangement."

Výhody: "The boarding process was seamless"
Nevýhody: "The fact that my screen did not work and i could not sleep on the flight. It was very painful and nothing was done"

Nevýhody: "Okay"

Nevýhody: "appriciate co operative atitute of ground staff and crew"

Nevýhody: "I did not receive my bag on time. I landed in Bahrain at 9:45 pm and had to wait in Bahrain till 2:30 am to recieve my bag. Where I was supposed to be at home in Khobar by 11:30 pm."

Výhody: "The pillow that cradles your head and neck! I've flown with many international airlines over 20+ years and Etihad is now my number one choice. It seems to really think about passengers' comfort. I also enjoyed watching documentaries on fashion designer Michael Kors and singer David Bowie."
Nevýhody: "Flight attendants were polite but one told me, "You should put the tray up." I suppose she was thinking in French, where people say "il faut faire…" To an English speaker "you should" doesn't sound soft. I think the flight attendant wasn't aware of the nuance in English. Everything else about her was courteous, and everything else on the flight went smoothly. I would recommend Etihad to anyone."

Nevýhody: ".."

Nevýhody: "Policies"

Výhody: "Alitalia customer service and crew service was Excellent."
Nevýhody: "Eithad crew service in Business Class from Bangalore to Abu Dhabi was very poor, not polite, my wife asked for some meal and five minutes later cabin crew staff brought a tray without any meal, saying that she asked only for bread with butter ¿¿¿¿???.... Never in my life I heard in Business Class such a stupid pretext for not having what a passanger ordered. But that was not the final of our story, as Business Class passangers Eithad arranged previously a hotel for eight hours until we catch our Alitalia flight to Milan at 8:55 am, but nobody took us to the hotel, in Abu Dhabi Etihad staff told us that we have to pay for that transfer. Once we reach the hotel paying our taxi, the hotel staff told us that the reservation was for the next day and that we have to pay for our staying ¿¿¿??? I cannot believe how bad is Etihad service, never in my life I will buy a Etihad ticket again unless I receive a trully and sincere apologize. We had a very bad time flying whith this airline, a horrible experience. Etihad, how are you going to compete whith Qatar and Emirates? With this service there is no way this company can succeed among those competitors."

Výhody: "Crew is friendly.."
Nevýhody: "- Less space to store. - old entertaining systems, some audio port connections are not tested. seat1 and seat2 audio jacks are connected to same TV out."

Výhody: "Flight attendants were very good."
Nevýhody: "Toilets were not working and toilet water over flowed and entered into the cabin - a dubious first!!! Check-in crew at Abu Dhabi was horrible. Add more Telugu movies for flights to Hyderabad."

Výhody: "Good comfort. Good entertainment. Excellent food. Courteous service."

Nevýhody: "Entertainment system kept kicking out of every movie or show every six minutes. It was really frustrating. A flight attendant did try to fix it, but it did not work. I had the exact same meal on the previous flight."

Výhody: "Ample leg room"
Nevýhody: "The food could have been better."

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