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Garuda IndonesiaCelkové skóre založené na 724 recenzích
8,3Nástup na palubu
Recenze letecké společnosti

At CGK, need to walk from one gate all the way to the other gate to board the plane. Which makes me wonder, why can’t we just gather at the correct gate in the first place?

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At CGK, need to walk from one gate all the way to the other gate to board the plane. Which makes me wonder, why can’t we just gather at the correct gate in the first place?

Výhody: "Comfortable seats"
Nevýhody: "Cabin was very warm for a long time. Boarding could be more organized. Food - fish for main fish and tuna salad. I like fish, but really?"
Nevýhody: "Flight departed one hour late due to late arrival. There should have been more information updates provided to waiting passengers at the airport."
Výhody: "Crew was better"
Nevýhody: "Improve food quality. Garuda is moving backward in quality of food."
Výhody: "Food was nice"
Nevýhody: "Small plane, crew did not help with trouble lifting putting bag in overhead compartpent (almost fell on heads), passengers with children and elderlies were not boarded first though blasted on speakers at start of boarding at gate."
Výhody: "Big plane, excellent entertainment on seat, excellent food, nice crews."
Nevýhody: "Passengers with children & elderlies should be boarded first for priority, for strict implementation."
Výhody: "On time, clean aircraft"
Výhody: "Crew always polite"
Nevýhody: "Meals"
Výhody: "Flight was not full. Had open seats around me so it was comfortable."
Nevýhody: "Food. Red eye flight served a very low quality snack upon takeoff. Breakfast before landing was a little better."
Výhody: "N/a"
Nevýhody: "N/a"
Výhody: "Good service"
Nevýhody: "Old plane, walking distance to board the plane is so far"
Nevýhody: "No TV on cjr1000"
Výhody: "Staff very accomadating throughout the flight"
Nevýhody: "NA"
Výhody: "On time"
Nevýhody: "Passengers Have to walk a long way during boarding as the plane is not at the assigned intl gate but on the domestic side. Food is bland, instant noodle may taste much better."
Výhody: "As above"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "I didn't like your time tables where you use only 12 hrs. It's okay to go all the way to 24 instead of 12/12 I had to rebook my ticket at additional expenses"
Výhody: "I loved the business class seats and the beautiful crew that attended to our needs. We would do it again. I didn't get to try three good much as it was a night flight. Ability to recline for sleeping was wonderful. The extra service at the garuda desk at denpasar airport was fantastic."
Nevýhody: "The garuda business class lounge at denpasar was disappointing. Food was not fresh."
Výhody: "Flight was comfortable enough. Nothing special, but got me safely to my destination. Service was good, plenty of food"
Nevýhody: "Meals were just okay. I flew Cathway last month abd their food was better, plus they gave us hagendaz ice cream which was a major happiness booster."
Výhody: "Probably the best food I’ve had on a business class flight."
Nevýhody: "Entertainment just OK. Garuda lounge in Bali dire"
Výhody: "Clean, proper plane."
Nevýhody: "Unhealthy food, full of sugars and fat."
Výhody: "Garuda is the best"
Nevýhody: "I like all"
Výhody: "Garuda Indonesia is the most reliable sky-mate so far for domestic route. Proffesional and well informed if there is something happened beyond normal."
Nevýhody: "I'm a bit get bored with the food."
Výhody: "Flight on 737, took off on time, from Bali new terminals, arrived on time. Lots of leg room."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "All excellent, including service and food."
Nevýhody: "Boarding time is not punctual."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Indian family running around and flight attendants screaming at them to sit down. Horrible experience"
Výhody: "Staff greeting"
Nevýhody: "Food, narrow seat, entertainment selection"
Výhody: "I had low expectations and the entire process felt like flying in the states but with much better food!"
Výhody: "Pretty smooth flight!"
Nevýhody: "Very rough landing!!"
Výhody: "I loved that I got upgraded to Business. It made an exhausting journey home more relaxing. And the crew were lovely, kind, and helpful!"
Výhody: "Warm crew and comfortable flight,take off and landing."
Nevýhody: "Nothing much."
Výhody: "Crew always courteous"
Nevýhody: "Operational Delay? 75 min?! Unacceptable for a country flagship carrier.. The explanation Operational issue is lack of respect to Garuda customers.. It say nothing at all."
Výhody: "Easy and comfortable."
Nevýhody: "Snack"
Výhody: "In Indonesia you fly Garuda not because it is cheapest, but because it has generally the best ontime record"
Výhody: "Very friendly staff, professional. On-time and efficient."
Nevýhody: "They sprayed insecticide in the plane with little or no warning prior to our arrival in Hong Kong, and I had a bad reaction to it (dizzy for the next several hours). I would recommend providing masks for passengers who desire them and plenty of prior notice to put those masks on."
Výhody: "Friendly flight attendants with good food. The arrival time was scheduled, no delay."
Výhody: "Orderly, on time, efficient boarding"
Nevýhody: "The meal"
Výhody: "Nice to have food and good entertainment on an affordable flight"
Výhody: "It was my first time flying with Garuda Indonia and i was pleasantly surprised by the service of the airline. The crew was very friendly and we even received a on-flight bag with socks and eye mask, something I only get in business class in other airlines! The food was food, for airline standards and had 2 meals and 2 light snacks despite only being a 5.5h flight!"
Výhody: "Great service and food"
Výhody: "Cabin was in good size, crew was friendly and professional, in flight entertainment was top notch."
Nevýhody: "Boarding was late. When we got to Soekarno Hatta, it took a while before they could open the door of the plane and let everyone out because they were waiting for some equipment (the stairs i'm guessing). Then they put us in a bus which took a loooong time to get to the right terminal. I was sick at that time so this was very inconvenient."
Výhody: "The ground staff, the inflight staff were great with outstanding service and care for passengers."
Nevýhody: "There is nothing I find not liking."
Nevýhody: "Jet Airways (partner company on flight) waited 5 days before putting my lost bag through customs on arrival in India and made me wait 3 hours, after the 5 days, to receive it. They gave no explanation, no apology, and actually sent an employee from another company to deliver my bag after I had waited that long."
Výhody: "Good flight, staff very good"
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed by a hour due to technical problems. Also ran out of one of the choices of meals by about row 30. Fish is not everyone's favourite."
Výhody: "The flight from strong was delayed by 2.5 hours due to a technical problem. In spite of this delay Garuda made sure I made my connection in Makassar and my luggage also made the connection."
Nevýhody: "Being a Westerner, a lighter choice for food might have been nice. Perhaps just fruit and vegetables would have been good. Also since i had three flights being served a heavy meal on each flight was more than I needed."
Výhody: "Service onboard as usual was excellent"
Nevýhody: "Late arrival of the aircraft resulted in 40 minutes delay of our departure time."
Výhody: "Service on board as usual friendly and professional"
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed for 30 minutes due to late arrival of the same aircraft from Jakarta"
Výhody: "Professional Crew and Excellent Customer Service"
Nevýhody: "One hour delay"
Výhody: "Crew were good, aircraft was clean and flight left on time."
Nevýhody: "The food. Unsure of what was served as no labelling or explaination from the crew and the food was very dry."
Výhody: "Seat space Crew Food Touch screen"
Nevýhody: "Small tv screen Not many new movies"
Výhody: "All is perfect"
Nevýhody: "Someone beside me,he won't move when i want to go to Toilet"

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Letenky Praha – Praya

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