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Skóre na základě recenzí zákazníků KAYAK
RyanairCelkové skóre založené na 18748 recenzích
6,4Nástup na palubu
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Happy travels!

The flight was ok,the crew not so nice.

Výhody: "Friendly ground staff at Alicante airport."
Nevýhody: "Airplane was dirty, floor covered in food from previous flight."
Výhody: "I wasn't allowed to fly as the Scottish government said non essential travel wasn't allowed and I wasn't allowed the opportunity to get a voucher for my flight"
Nevýhody: "Seeing as I wasn't allowed to fly l could have been offered a voucher or someone at Ryanair help could have answered my question about my flight"
Výhody: "Price"
Nevýhody: "1 hour late boarding, 20 min. Waiting outside in cold to get into the airplane and then 30 min. Circling around the city before landing"
Výhody: "Thank you"
Nevýhody: "The announcements made by the main air steward were mostly unintelligible due to a very strong Spanish accent."
Nevýhody: "The staff are snappy with the passengers - she tried to take my coffee away from me - this was my 4th flight in 36 hours so I needed to finish it so took it back quickly !!"
Nevýhody: "Que no hablen en español las instrucciones de vuelo y demás solo en español e inglés"
Výhody: "Although I had a 40 minutes flight, it was really good. The crew were very amiable and fun. All amazing!"
Výhody: "Everything… crew and pilot was polite! Easy flight was comfortable…"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Classic low budget airline : No food or entertainment (hence the 1 star) but everthing else was good."
Výhody: "No alert upon booking that any bags whatsoever are included in the price. We ended up paying to bring bags onboard and check bags. Turning a reasonable flight into a very expensive one."
Nevýhody: "There is no Ryan Air ticket counter. Only a bag drop. Be prepared to get the complete run around. We can 3 hours early and thank god."
Výhody: "Cheap & Cheerful, as usual"
Nevýhody: "Delayed Boarding Delayed Taxi Delayed dis-embarking (no dispatcher) just two bus drivers and no unloading of cases o those with mobility issues"
Výhody: "Nothing really, it's a cheap ticket and that's it."
Nevýhody: "Ridiculous boarding situation, expensive onboard food and beverage. Upright seats. Advanced check in always seats your group apart to encourage you to purchase seats. Budget airline that trust to milk their clients for every penny. Only use them if no other option."
Výhody: "price"
Nevýhody: "3 hours delay no assistance 1 hour queue to leave registered luggage, paid separately, among screaming children, hot and nervous people"
Výhody: "On time and coat effective"
Nevýhody: "At FRA Airport ryanair sits about a 20min drive from the terminal. Adds 20min to boarding and landing procedures. But this is compensated with FRA being a super efficient airport at the baggage carousel and border control"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Horrible boarding. Horrible seats. Garbage sandwiches for a fee. Zero entertainment. Not even a seat pocket. Toilet was disgusting, no wipers. Hyper stressed. Glad it's over, baby! Never ever, again."
Výhody: "Fast and effective"
Nevýhody: "We had to wait a little on the tarmac with no A/C. Understand they want to save gas but its getting real hot in there..."
Výhody: "Nothing although crew were friendly"
Nevýhody: "3 hour delay in both directions this week. No announcements made about delay. Gates changed 2x. Poor communication throughout. Email from Ryanair about cancellation/refund options received AFTER flight. Got home at 1 am. Truly horrible experience"
Výhody: "Crew was friendly! Aircraft was very clean and the flight was on time!"
Výhody: "Fell asleep and was not woken up. Good flight"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Added way to many costs for EVERYTHING. We were the only ones in line to check a bag and it took 30 minutes to do so because the computers needed to be turned on. The seats were uncomfortable and felt unclean. And we think it was absurd to pay to sit with someone you book a flight with."
Výhody: "The flight was fine, comfortable and despite turbulence (which I actually enjoy) uneventful. We could see both experienced and new staff working effectively together 1 star for food and entertainment because we took part in neither"
Nevýhody: "The incident when boarding could have been handled far better than experienced A passenger already on the plane mistook light shining through the vapour created by the wing De icing process and claimed the wing was on fire which lead to the plane being evacuated First issue was that all disembarking the plane had nowhere to go and were not given any instructions Secondly the return to the waiting lounge was not organised well leaving passengers roaming about the lounge and unsure what to do"
Nevýhody: "Plane was an hour and a half late showing up and taking off."
Výhody: "Okay seats for a 2.5 hour flight and their app makes boarding and checking in easy"
Nevýhody: "Not much it’s ryan air so no frills as you would expect. I did get effected by cancellations and lost 5 hours of my trip but they did rebook me and gave me free seat selection"
Výhody: "Price. Clean planes."
Nevýhody: "Cramped seats. No entertainment. No WiFi."
Výhody: "Everything was quick and efficient from check in to baggage pickup."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "The fare was very inexpensive"
Nevýhody: "All of the added fees and added expenses in getting there (cab,busses,time) made in the same cost if not more. as flying to and out of the larger airports. Wasn't worth the stress in the end."
Nevýhody: "Wouldn't let us get boarding passes because we arrived 30 minutes before the flight. Terrible policy designed to make people miss their flights. If you take this airline be very careful about checking in in advance"
Výhody: "Airline staff was nice. Seats were fine."
Nevýhody: "The airport is not well air conditioned. We were then led to the tunnel BEFORE our airplane arrived only to stand there with no air conditioning. It was sweltering and we had direct sunlight at sunset. It was stifling in there for 20-30 minute. Very very uncomfortable and aggravating."
Nevýhody: "What can you expect from Ryanair? They treat their passengers like kettle when boarding. Specifically we had to stand and in a hot anghar before boarding for 40 mins. No seats, water or idea why we have to wait there rather than the airport. I experienced it so many times and tell myself never again. if I have an option I never fly with them."
Výhody: "I liked the new interior of the plane - lot more room, easier to move between seats, easier to place luggage"
Nevýhody: "The crew did everything necessary, but they did not smile, their communication was not spontaneous and a bit "robot" like. This was in in contrast to the crew on our first flight to Brussels - the crew there was cheerful and fun to travel with."
Výhody: "Very friendly and bearing in mind the bad weather conditions in stansted the pilot made the flight very smooth"
Nevýhody: "I hated the way people are processed at Stansted airport..... they seem to have invented several new ways to do things and I felt pretty much like cattle !!! The part inside the airplane were just fine....."
Výhody: "The flight was on time, I paid the extra for the seat at the front which got priority boarding, and there were empty seats at the front of the plane. I was out of there as soon as the plane landed. Just close your eyes and it will all be over soon."
Nevýhody: "People were lining up 15 minutes before boarding and the boarding process was more like a rugby scrum as everyone piled into the back of the plane. The food was pretty mediocre and not cheap, but there was nothing to purchase in the airport terminal."
Výhody: "There are many horror stories on the web about flying RyanAir, so I expected the worst. My wife and I flew RT from Dublin to Koln. Although we carry on on all other airlines (in the US), we paid extra to check our carry on bags because of the Ryanair website, which sounded VERY strict about bag size and threatened to charge 50E or something per bag if ours were too big. Turns out all the other passengers had the same huge carry-ons as always. I probably wares the bag fee. Ryan requires you to print boarding passes before you get to the airport or they will charge 50E per person to print(!). The boarding process is a cattle call, but most people are polite with little shoving. The seats on the plane are hard and don't recline. All in all, we saved money and the flight was OK. Just know what to expect."
Výhody: "We knew what was coming and planned accordingly. We checked in online, make sure to print out your boarding pass, we arrived early expecting challenges and made sure we weighed or luggage ahead of time. After clearing customs we bought food and drink for the flight. The flighted loaded rather quickly and we backed out on schedule and arrived 10 minutes early. The flight attendants cam by constantly selling food, drinks, scratch off tickets and a bunch of other stuff but were never pushy."
Nevýhody: "The seats didnt recline and no seat back pockets for my stuff. Very little room, but adequate."
Nevýhody: "Chaotic boarding"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Late"
Výhody: "The plane made it to Las Palmas"
Nevýhody: "8 drunk women shouted and disrupted other's quiet"
Výhody: "It was very cheap"
Nevýhody: "Arrived late"
Výhody: "Low fare. Efficient check in process."
Nevýhody: "Long walk to the gate. No ramp into the plane from the gate. No escalator. You have to go down the stairs and walk to the plane to board."
Nevýhody: "Boarding was chaotic and gate was suddenly changed. Priority tickets did not assure priority boarding. Confusing at best."
Výhody: "I didn't mind any of the things above."
Nevýhody: "One of the crew member was very rude in how he handled a simple situation that could have been communicated simply and politely. That was disappointing."
Výhody: "Everything was smooth; crew and ground personnel all very pleasant and kind. Easy flight, comfortable seats for a relatively short trip."
Nevýhody: "Obviously, having to pay for every little thing is very annoying. Also, although improved from a few years ago, it seems to cost as much, if not more, to check in luggage than to fly your person!"
Výhody: "Ryan air had a convenient flight time from Gatwick to Dublin - that is the ONLY reason I flew with that airline. I was able to get a last minute reservation, but it came at a high price."
Nevýhody: "Cramped seats and narrow aisles; no complimentary food or beverage provided. Crew seemed harried. Flight was not on schedule."
Nevýhody: "the flight seemed full and therefore, since it was very much delayed, the ground crew set about getting people to check in their carry on bags. I'm not sure why we were chosen, since we were not at the end of the line, and some in front of us and behind us were not asked to check their bags (which were actually larger than ours). In he plane we were unhappy to realize that there was enough space overhead for our bags. Had to wait an extra 20-25 minutes in London after and already very late flight. So: not the best."
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