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RyanairCelkové skóre založené na 17610 recenzích
6,4Nástup na palubu
Recenze letecké společnosti
Výhody: "The crew was very friendly, the pilot gave us some interesting information en route."
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Výhody: "The crew was very friendly, the pilot gave us some interesting information en route."
Výhody: "Crew were very caring. What amazed me from a proposed flight of 1hr 20, was to and from Dublin a flight time of 50mins. Very good."
Nevýhody: "Going with one airline and coming back with Ryanair meant I could only get my boarding pass 2days before flight, rather than the beginning of the whole trip. I tried 6x's on my mph to no avail, day before, got it on a desktop on last day."
Výhody: "Left on time arrived on time luggage also"
Nevýhody: "If the seat and sitting area would have been cleaner and if you could recline your seat"
Výhody: "It was affordable"
Nevýhody: "Customer service"
Výhody: "On time"
Výhody: "Everything"
Nevýhody: "?"
Výhody: "Cabin crew were excellent. Very friendly, professional, efficient."
Výhody: "The only thing good with this flight was the time keeping."
Nevýhody: "The first time travelled with Ryanair and the last.Seating uncomfortable, back rest to upright.Difficulty understanding the crews public announcing over tannoy system.Allocation of seats diabolical. Not a lot of advantage being a priority passenger from non priority. Suggest implement similar procedures to jet2. Would learn a lot."
Výhody: "Inconvenient all, no aplogise of delayed Flight as like the turtle!"
Nevýhody: "To prepare on time!! Plz Eeven though I’ve booked more planty of time for next plan, it was late because of too much delayed"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Everything"
Výhody: "The delay was long and they dont tell u or update u well"
Výhody: "Crew was friendly and the boarding process was relatively smooth."
Nevýhody: "The A/C made the cabin so cold that I am still shivering nearly two hours after landing. The cabin was cramped and uncomfortable, but I have experienced less comfortable seats on other budget airlines."
Výhody: "It took off roughly on time"
Nevýhody: "Boarding was slow, checking in was annoying (just lots of steps to be done with lots of ppl who don’t travel often and less helpful staff), and the plane smelled odd."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Delayed then not delayed then the crew were late and made no attempt to hurry themselves then wen we boarded we were told we were delayed an hour and 40 minutes so had to sit there on the plane with no1 telling us wats going on or wen we were leaving! No refreshments available while we were waiting really poor from Ryan air I won't be flying with them agen"
Výhody: "I liked they didn't cancel the flight, and I liked the air steward was as pissed off as me."
Nevýhody: "The two hour delay for a one hour flight, and being dumped at an airport at 1am in the morning. Not great."
Výhody: "The flight was easy; no issues."
Nevýhody: "No USB charging ports on the airplane."
Výhody: "The Crew was in a good mood"
Nevýhody: "a little bit too good , because they spoke all The time with loud voice about their personal interests."
Nevýhody: "Terrible service. I am writing an email to Ryanair as we speak."
Nevýhody: "there is no line up or organization to people getting on and off, everyone rushes to be first."
Výhody: "I like nothing about this airline"
Nevýhody: "Everything. No one should be surprised by this. I always get sucked in by the price and regret it latter."
Nevýhody: "We already paied "name change fee"100euro. But We had to charge 100euro again. I dont understand why they did"
Výhody: "Cabin crew handled the gypsies well, flight arrived home ahead of schedule. Plenty of choice of food and drinks although expensive it was nice."
Nevýhody: "We managed to choose a flight and sit next to a party of 17 gypsies. It was non stop. The kids couldn't stay still, always shouting or just screaming, running up the aisle. Banging seat tables and armrests up and down. At one point a young boy maybe 3 yrs old was stood on the table with his hands on his own seat back bouncing on the table. I have never wished for turbulance and the seatbelt signs to be on, But I did on this flight! The adults looked drunk while bording and one even asked me if I'd been to Tenerife while we were in Tenerife airport!"
Výhody: "I understand this is a Budget Airline in the price was great. The seats were fairly comfortable for a short flight."
Nevýhody: "We were not informed until 2 days before our flight that we needed a printed copy of our boarding pass. At this point we were well into our trip and had to spend time finding a way to print out our boarding passes. Our flight was delayed by about an hour and a half and there was no one at the gate ahead of time that we could speak to. We also found out the day before our flight from a Blog that as passengers with US passports we had to get a stamp on our printed boarding pass prior to going through security. Had we not seen this on a random website we would not have known this either and would have showed up at the gate only to be turned away."
Nevýhody: "Ryanair charges 50 Euro per person to check in at the airport!!! Never heard of such a thing and was caught completely blindsided by having to pay such a ridiculous fee for doing what all airlines everywhere do for free!"
Výhody: "This flight was one time, all of the staff were very kind and efficient, and we had a pleasant experience."
Výhody: "Very badly handled delay .Letting people line up at the gate even though they knew the aircraft was still at least 40 minutes from arrival .No announcements letting anyone know what's going on .Then letting us board only to be stuck in a stair well with door locked for 10 minutes and then on the tarmac for 15 minutes while the aircraft was being prepared ,It also staring raining .this is not how to run a airline .Perhaps training is needed from the likes of AirAsia"
Výhody: "Friendliness"
Nevýhody: "Not available"
Nevýhody: "Make sure to all you need to do is the bag drop at checkin. The lines to see an agent are horrendous."
Nevýhody: "Due to a technical problem of the aircraft a site inspection was needed. - While waiting, the lead flight attendent, Anikó was chit-chatting in Hungarian with some passengers, sharing different information in an unacceptable, non-professional manner (how often and why Ryanair flights are delayed, how passengers act in such cases, she only had 2h sleep the previous night, etc). A disgrace both for the airline and her profession!"
Výhody: "Flight time and price."
Nevýhody: "Flight was late, charged 15 € to print the boarding pass, it felt like we waited in line after line. It's Ryanair, so we expected the rotten experience, but had the flight been on time, the timing would have been good and the base price was reasonable."
Výhody: "Good service to local airports"
Nevýhody: "Left late due to passengers acting like zombies"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "No information why flight was delayed. Left standing on shuttle bus for 30mins with no information. Leg room non existent on plane. Seat bolt upright all the time. Staff pleasant enough but definitely "cattle class""
Výhody: "The crew on the fly ; very nice and polite . They should work for better airline"
Nevýhody: "Terrible service to understand people who is taking this fly for first time don't know you must have you tix printed and they don't provide any kiosks so you can do by yoiuself ; ( they want you money 50 euros ) fly delayed no explanation and three even try to make pay extra money for my carry on"
Výhody: "Very friendly and bearing in mind the bad weather conditions in stansted the pilot made the flight very smooth"
Výhody: "Quick flight, no hassle."
Nevýhody: "Delayed without explanation, boarded the plane then sat for 40 minutes waiting to take off."
Výhody: "Every single one of the stewards was very good looking and very friendly."
Nevýhody: "Boarding was rough, and as a foreigner, it's a bit of a pain to have to print boarding passes since we don't really have a printer available within the check- in time. Luckily we didn't check any bags, so we avoided extra charges there."
Nevýhody: "Delayed for boarding the aircraft"
Výhody: "Was cheap"
Nevýhody: "Was very late"
Výhody: "Crew boarding and overall is good"
Výhody: "They charge you 45 Euro per ticket if you don't print out your boarding pass or check in online. What a scam."
Výhody: "flew from eindhover to london."
Nevýhody: "flight was a late time slot. Could have done with a few hours less in Eindhover. We were told to board and left outside in the cold for 15 minutes. No information or announcement as to why the delay.. or why in the freezing cold."
Nevýhody: "If you happen to prefer to checking in in at the airport, be prepared to pay a 45€ fee.Ryanair wants their passengers to check in online via their app. If you check in via the website, then you must physically print out the boarding pass. Obviously this is ridiculous."
Nevýhody: "Awful"
Výhody: "I liked nothing about the airline, the service was horrible everyone was rude . They changed time and gate with no notice as the entire flight was running around airport looking for flight/ help..."
Výhody: "Flight left on time. Crew was friendly."
Nevýhody: "Boarding was a bit not so good because we had to wait outside in the cold (and some rain). Food options were scarce (I wanted a croissant with my coffee and there were none left so in the end I ate nothing)."
Nevýhody: "boarding process could be streamlined; feels like a cattle call with everyone crowding around at the same time,"
Výhody: "Staff was very helpful"
Nevýhody: "Cost 30 euro to print the boarding passes"
Výhody: "Disappointed"
Nevýhody: "The lack of help that the employees offered."
Výhody: "Price"
Nevýhody: "Extra charges for everything. This is a cheap alternative if you are only traveling with a carry on"

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