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Skóre na základě recenzí zákazníků KAYAK
LATAM AirlinesCelkové skóre založené na 5791 recenzích
7,5Nástup na palubu
Recenze letecké společnosti

Moved me to any seat away from the terrible parent next to me

Přečtěte si více o společnosti LATAM Airlines

Moved me to any seat away from the terrible parent next to me


itinerary on time

Nevýhody: "I needed to change my ticket and Kayak had another agency issue the ticket. Kayak does not change tickets and the third party and the airline said only Kayak could make the change. Having to purchase a whole new ticket from the airline, save the money and frustration and avoid Kayak and just book directly with the airline. The ticket would have and should have been changed with no fees. $325 lesson learned."
Nevýhody: "Seats looked older generation and configuration not great"
Výhody: "The plane was new."
Nevýhody: "Smallest seats and shortest leg room I’ve experienced in a long time! They even charge for a cup of coffee, and anything else, other than water! I didn’t try to use the bathroom, but they probably charge for that, too!"
Výhody: "Friendly and correct cabin crew."
Nevýhody: "Leg space. There was very little leg space. One hour before the flight departure they were already announcing 'last call' on the airport screens."
Výhody: "The crew that flew us there was great"
Nevýhody: "they overbooked the flights and the way they communicated it to passengers was a complete disaster. I was able to board and travel but I had to sneak out of the actual line and show my visa appointment receipt to a latam staff person. It was very hard to talk to the staff most of them were just screaming "go to the line" and were not really keen to listening to what passengers had to say. I found a latam person that wasn't really dealing with this situation and managed to get him to talk to other latam staff about my visa appointment. It was pretty stressful for me to have to deal with the possibility of missing such an important event without a good reason."
Výhody: "Crew were amazing and helpful."
Nevýhody: "They lost one of my bags. Amateur and inefficient company. Avoid at all cost."
Výhody: "Airport (AEP) was nice, plane and crew were good."
Nevýhody: "The only problem was that our flight moved 50 minutes earlier and we didn’t get any email notification from kayak. But that may not be latam fault."
Výhody: "I don’t like"
Nevýhody: "Because de flight was late;3 times they change the time for departure Finalmente they departure after 8 hours from arrive to the 1rs fly."
Výhody: "Comfortable seats. Great crew"
Nevýhody: "Food could be a little better and bathrooms bigger"
Výhody: "Normal"
Nevýhody: "Better food"
Nevýhody: "Snack . Don’t have 0 snack in the plane"
Výhody: "My fight was on time!"
Výhody: "The seat was very comfortable and the service friendly."
Nevýhody: "The flight was four hours late! Inefficient boarding process, no information given about delay."
Výhody: "The fly time"
Nevýhody: "The check in process, too slow ,we waist almost 2hrs in the process"
Výhody: "Good movie selections, nice crew"
Nevýhody: "They need to be able to let customers know meal ingredients during pre-orders to assist with food allergy. I have a tomato allergy, so giving me an option of "Vegan" or "veggie" with no other detail is unhelpful."
Výhody: "The entertainment options were good, my device connected immediately, and the movie started right away (while the boarding process was being completed)."
Nevýhody: "More vegetarian options in the menu."
Nevýhody: "Many delays."
Výhody: "Everything was great."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Nothing in particular"
Nevýhody: "Organization, information and communication"
Výhody: "On time"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Good service and food. Though food tray was small. not very many choices. Pleasant crew."
Nevýhody: "The boarding process in Lima was chaotic. I was to continue on the same plane from Miami and Lima to Buenos Aires, however, nobody mentioned I could stay on the same aircraft, so they made me go off the plane out the arriving area hall, again through security, which was a hassle, almost forgot my wrist watch..... all that to end up in the same gate to board the same plane. a total waste of time and energy...."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "I actually tried to cancel this flight 5 hours after booking it and was not able to. I wanted to book something before prices changed and was not able to go. When trying to cancel I was hung up or disconnected from 6 times. Each time calling back with 10-15 of wait time. Finally got through and was told it's non refundable. Why kayak even deals with companies like this I have no idea. I finally cancelled and I'm still getting emails aasking how my flight was."
Výhody: "Friendly employees"
Nevýhody: "Seat pitch"
Výhody: "The comfort of the new Sears at economy-a class"
Výhody: "Not much. The quality of the service of lan after the merger with tam has decreased substantially"
Nevýhody: "Our connecting flight was late and we missed the last flight. In the new flight they lost one bag. After 41 hours of traveling latam surely ruined our holiday memories"
Nevýhody: "2 hours late, the flight following us left first."
Nevýhody: "Delayed 4 hours in Lima. Stood on the line to get a usd6 voucher for food, same as all passengers when I was flying business. No lounge service."
Nevýhody: "Moved us to a smaller plane and gave us new seats, didn’t even get to sit next to my husband."
Výhody: "I flew back on a LAN plane and the experience was nothing short of what i expect from LAN. There isnt a single complaint. thank you."
Výhody: "Nice crew. Comfort ok."
Nevýhody: "They herre delade."
Nevýhody: "It is unbelievable that in an international flight they don’t give even a glass of water at least we pay extra for it. The tickets is not cheap at all for receiving so bad service"
Výhody: "The flight attendants were very good and so was the overall service."
Nevýhody: "Seat rowa too close together, not enough legroom."
Výhody: "Excelente."
Výhody: "more space in coach section, between seats"
Nevýhody: "less space for legs in seats."
Výhody: "Nice flight, enjoyed the food, excellent service."
Výhody: "Beer wine & whisky"
Nevýhody: "No wifi, uncomfortable"
Výhody: "Salida y llegada en tiempo, personal amable."
Nevýhody: "El avión no tenia pantallas para ver peliculas, series, etc durante el vuelo."
Nevýhody: "Flight has been delayed for over 12 hrs. I still haven't left LIM :("
Výhody: "El avión era un 787-9 en excelente estado y muy cómodo La tripulación muy amable"
Nevýhody: "El snack era un croissant jamón-queso que venía casi congelado, malisimo"
Nevýhody: "Flightwas canceled and customer service was horrible through the entire experience."
Výhody: "Very friendly staff. Specially crew leader Sandra"
Výhody: "Everything was fine. Boarding itself was organized, though the people didn't really catch on. Crew was friendly."
Nevýhody: "3-3-3 in the 787. Yeah, everyone has it but that doesn't make it nice. Sandwich was small in quantity, average in quality."
Výhody: "I have bought a ticket from To Aeroparque Jorge Newvery; and they cancelled the flight and sent me to Ezeiza without prior inform, concent and without any compensation."
Nevýhody: "Latam could not link with American Airlines. It was like I had two separate tickets even though they had a code share with AA. I couldn't get a boarding pass across airlines and my seat assignments were a real problem."
Výhody: "New plane .confort. Reliable company.good prices."
Nevýhody: "Need to check size and weight of the carry on luggage at the register counter in the airport and not before boarding. Create confusion, lost of time. Boarding process is messy. Indications given to board by group number but it is not enforced and it is a real mess .food does not compare well with other companies.lunch is acceptable but snack(sandwich)and light supper are really awfull.entertainment system not a big choice of moovies"
Výhody: "loved it"
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