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Singapore AirlinesCelkové skóre založené na 3883 recenzích
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Well, I didn’t like much. The staff didn’t have any beverages except for coffee and water and they never came by. The food just sucked. There was no entertainment at all.

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Well, I didn’t like much. The staff didn’t have any beverages except for coffee and water and they never came by. The food just sucked. There was no entertainment at all.

Nevýhody: "More food variety"
Výhody: "Reliable service, clean cabin"
Výhody: "Three of us were sitting separately. Airline is able to accommodate us so that we get to sit together in a section where there is extra leg room."
Nevýhody: "Better movie selection. Better organized boarding in Frankfurt"
Výhody: "Amazing crew. Seat needs more padding."
Nevýhody: "Memory foam seats"
Nevýhody: "We missed the smile and quality service liked before. Food quality is just okay. Timeliness for departure/arrival was excellent."
Nevýhody: "On time would be better."
Výhody: "Flight attendants were very friendly, professional and helpful"
Výhody: "Crew was attentive."
Nevýhody: "The entertainment was rather limited."
Nevýhody: "No complain . It’s singapore airlines"
Výhody: "everything..Singapore airlines is a amazing airline !!! there is a reason why they are no 1 for so many years..."
Výhody: "Okay in general, nothing impressive"
Nevýhody: "Food certainly need improvement, lacking in attention to ensure food quality. Crews need proper training in customer service."
Nevýhody: "The hot food was dry and lost my appetite"
Výhody: "Crew"
Nevýhody: "Short and sweet. Flight left on time and landed about 15 mins early. Crew was wonderful"
Výhody: "Everything"
Nevýhody: "N/A"
Výhody: "The seats were comfortable and the staff was very attendant!"
Nevýhody: "No complaints"
Výhody: "Everything else"
Nevýhody: "Food was less than marginal"
Výhody: "check in went smoothly. helper was friendly and helpful."
Výhody: "I do like Singapore airlines and all the rest of the airline stuff apart from the entertainment system was great!!! (Unfortunately since there was no USB or seat power my iPad fairly quickly ran out of juice...)"
Nevýhody: "The entertainment system was soooo old. In our seats it was non-functional. The plane wasn't too full and so I scooted over to the isle seat next to mine but again the resolution on the screen was so bad I couldn't read the intro comments to the movie, etc. They desperately need to update the entertainment system on that plane."
Nevýhody: "We stopped in Korea for two hours, that was not listed on my original itinerary. Then we were late to get to Singapore. My seat was very very small and I was seated next to two very large ppl."
Výhody: "Crew very friendly"
Výhody: "The lunch and dinner menu was excellent"
Nevýhody: "more bathrooms."
Výhody: "Great amount of legroom in the seats we were lucky enough to be granted. Entertainment was good!"
Nevýhody: "Frantic service from crew. They seemed anxious and rushed at all times. Food was also very average."
Výhody: "Efficient, comfortable."
Výhody: "Everything from Ticketing, Checking in......"
Výhody: "I booked regular economy and flew to Tokyo that way, but put a bid in for premium economy for the flight home and got it. It's not a big upgrade (bigger display panel, a little more leg room, seat tilt and it has a leg rest) but those things made the flight for me."
Nevýhody: "I don't have much on the down side front aside from the usual "would like more leg room" and "more seat tilt" so nothing new to report"
Výhody: "The main course"
Nevýhody: "Items missing or substituted in the veg but was ok in regular meals. In one veg serving, no salad or dessert was included. Margarine instead of butter for only in the veg meal."
Nevýhody: "SQ860 flight on 4th April morning delayed and greatly affected my today trip scheduled."
Výhody: "Service is always excellent"
Nevýhody: "Food however was very disappointing. Surprising as Singapore Airlines pride themselves on quality and the food was poor :-("
Výhody: "Great service"
Nevýhody: "Nil"
Výhody: "Business seats were excellent"
Nevýhody: "All was good!"
Výhody: "EVERYTHING was great...from check in to the entire experience on board. Extremely friendly staff to delicious food and a great choice of beverages! Clean and tidy aircraft with lots of extra amenities. Pleasant flight, pleasant arrival. Always a great way to travel!"
Nevýhody: ""Customs" at JFK came to an entire halt. All passengers where stuck in the welcome hall for 1h, without any information, why held there and why nothing was moving forward. All CBP booths were closed, but 8 (eight!) employees, who normally direct arriving passengers to the kiosk-machines where hanging out in two groups sharing private stories and having laughs instead of at least informing passengers, what was going on. Lots of passengers where outraged...a couple in their mid 70s in front of us had to sit down on the floor, since they had circulation problems from standing in line so long. Sadly, JFK isn't what it used to be anymore."
Výhody: "Boarding ok, timely departure. Food very good for plane food."
Nevýhody: "Announced early landing but then doing circles without any update, we ended up being 30min late. Updates would have been good."
Nevýhody: "The seats and entertainment system on our flight were in need of an upgrade. The seat padding was well worn and uncomfortable. The entertainment system is one of the old “pop-out the remote from the armrest” ones with a very average interface and display."
Výhody: "We started taxing 15 minutes before the departure time. This is great !"
Nevýhody: "not much"
Výhody: "Great flight and entertainment options, friendly crew, free wine :)"
Výhody: "The flight wasn't full so we had a spare seat between us, That made economy barely tolerable."
Nevýhody: "The seats in economy are now Way TOO SMALL! You better start calling Economy - "Stearage"! Food was not as good as on past flights with SA. Movie selection not as good as past SA flights. Earphones supplied are horrible!!!"
Výhody: "the crews were very polite and very helpful"
Nevýhody: "Food"
Výhody: "Good reliable SQ service"
Nevýhody: "I got the seat with communications box on the floor under the seat in front... no foot room :-("
Nevýhody: "Old plane. Old in flight entertainment."
Výhody: "Vegeterian breakfast was good thou ."
Nevýhody: "When I asked for non veg Indian breakfast it was over. And there were not much passengers also in flight ."
Výhody: "Polite crew took good care of my needs"
Nevýhody: "Food was really bad could do better . Movies were not as current but a good collection."
Nevýhody: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold in the plane"
Nevýhody: "Business cabin is not as good as the Air France one"
Výhody: "The ground staff in Sydney!"
Nevýhody: "From the moment we checked in in Singapore there was no service. Having travelled first class and Economy before with Singapore I was very disappointed with Business class. My husband and daughter were in First Class. The service was below average to say the least - more training required from check in to on board - (in Sydney the staff on the ground went above and beyond) In Singapore it was very fake and contained no sincerity. The lounge itself was also ordinary compared to others, no Amenity kits or PJs in business class - even Virgin Australia has that! I was so excited to be travelling Singapore again given past experiences but now Im not sure I will want to fly them again."
Výhody: "Excellent service, food, in-flight entertainment (what choices!!), and the plane was very up to date as well. Made for a very very pleasant flight experience. Especially for how long the flight was (18 hours or so)"
Nevýhody: "The get out and get back in halt at Hong Kong. Practically the entire flight had to do this, quite wasteful. Bad customer experience. Find a better way please! If Hong Kong makes you do that switch over to another airport, better yet make no halt. I have flown direct from SF to Singapore before so not sure why this halt."
Výhody: "Everything"
Nevýhody: "Cabin too hot"
Výhody: "I like your new entertainment devices and big screen"
Nevýhody: "the number of movies is a little bit less. the category of videos is not clear."
Nevýhody: "Only one person in a three row and it was a great flight"
Výhody: "There was almost a two hour delay, there wasn’t any information communicated, everybody was just asked to take seats in the waiting area. The entire process wasn’t very well organised."
Nevýhody: "Food on the menu was not available. Some of us did not get lunch and were being offered bread. Some flight attendants were impatient with pax and unwilling to help especially with regards to Wifi on board , others were impolite"
Výhody: "Excellent crew. Got on just in time. Last one on the flight but they were very understanding. Loved the airbus A380."
Nevýhody: "It was great but food could have been better. Process to get onto the flight at DXB was much longer and complicated than it needed to be. Huge airport and big distance between connecting flights."
Výhody: "Crew was good, flight was on time."
Nevýhody: "They could have given the amenities, which I think they forgot"
Nevýhody: "Two teenage passengers were in front of us, extremely disruptive and loud the entire flight and no one from the crew addressed it or asked them to keep the noise down. Also, we were forced to check our carry on bags bc they weighed at check in- though we had already checked in online, more than 7kg!"
Výhody: "Unprofessional crew member how to treat as GOLD member in business class cabin"
Nevýhody: "No comment"
Výhody: "Crew was kind, attentive, funny, and engaging. The best."
Nevýhody: "A warning about landing in Dubai, and being put on a bus to the terminal"
Nevýhody: "The seats were so uncomfortable , the leg space was too small ."
Výhody: "Food is good."
Nevýhody: "Seats could have worked well. Infotainment could be better"
Nevýhody: "The boarding process needs improvement. The crew should be more friendly. And, there needs to be more movies and TV shows."
Výhody: "Was ok"
Nevýhody: "Did not like the seats"
Nevýhody: "There are 2 back to back flights and the Emirates counter at JFK is very small to handle the load. You will have to wait for more than an hour just to get the boarding pass. Even the online checking counter is very slow."
Výhody: "Fast and easy"
Výhody: "Everything else was good."
Nevýhody: "The boarding for priority was handled rather poorly with little communication and a bottleneck at the top of the escalator."
Výhody: "Food"
Nevýhody: "Seat is not comfortable."
Výhody: "Nice flight sttendents"
Nevýhody: "Seats too small"
Výhody: "Ditto......great"
Nevýhody: "Only one thing thaar I'd suggest as an improvements would be to provide water on a mores frequently basis"
Výhody: "Nothing."
Nevýhody: "Flight delayed for more than hour and half the is no internet connection during the flight."
Výhody: "The crew was very attentive and patient inspite of the flight being full."
Nevýhody: "The boarding at DBX was chaotic. It was disorganized and not executed properly - boarding was not done by priority or by zone in the begininng. Unaccompanied minors were boarded at the end, they should have been boarded first and their cabin baggage take care of first. The quality of food is average ... it used to be much better. No alcohol was served in the flight; was not provided even after requesting one; didn't bother to ask again. The choice of movies were limited"
Výhody: "10 out of 10. excellent. 5 stars."
Nevýhody: "The food was appalling and crew service very ordinary much inferior to Qantas. The seats are also uncomfortable"
Výhody: "Ya"
Nevýhody: "I like it"
Výhody: "All great!"
Výhody: "Service."
Výhody: "The food was great. I like, that you can choose between different meal options."
Výhody: "Decent leg room in economy; good entertainment system & food/drink"
Nevýhody: "I was expecting to pay for only 10 kg excess baggage according to my own scale but was charged for 15 kg and the check-in staff was rude and unwilling to listen; in-flight staff were not polite, pushing past passengers without any word; such a disappointment as I expected much higher standard of service and courtesy. Nothing beats Singapore Airlines."
Výhody: "Amazing flight to travel for long travel! Relaxing! Easy to adjust in the whole flight! Crew was giving an awesome service!!"
Výhody: "Arguably the best service I've ever had on a flight"
Nevýhody: "Had to stop movie 20min prior to landing as I was in emergency exit row"
Výhody: "My third time with Emirates. This time on an Airbus A380 from Prague to Dubai. Simply put, wow! Everything about this aircraft and flight was outstanding, from the aircraft itself, to the crew to the in flight service and the comfort of the seat,"
Nevýhody: "Can't think of anything. Really."
Výhody: "Nothing. Bad crew."
Nevýhody: "No option for vegetarian food on the menu. I had booked vegetarian meal option when I booked tickets, but by the time they got to my seat, I was told there is no more veggie meal left.. it happened with both dinner and breakfast. I asked the flight attendant to substitute some fruits for the egg, so that I can eat something. They said at 30000 feet altitude, the options were limited. I told him, so are my options limited, and running out of veggie food is not my problem, when I had booked veggie meal at 30000 feet and a flight duration of 16 hours. The attitude of one flight attendant "Ahmed" was horrible. He was never helpful, mean to passengers and would not offer any solution to any problem... I was travelling with an infant, and he refused to fill a bottle of water to prepare milk, and said that I had to wait until they finished their ongoing service.."
Nevýhody: "seats are way too narrow for such a long trip."
Výhody: "Best food on a plane I have had yet"
Výhody: "The service from the airline Emirates, very nice and friendly staff. The price was under my budget and easy to purchase. Alerts for flight, time lines and updates for Airports after the Huricane Irma. Thanks! Javier"
Výhody: "The air hostesses were really sweet and receptive. They cared a lot."
Nevýhody: "Food could be improved on long-haul flights. I was hungry."
Výhody: "Emirates advertised for $66 RT tickets from Mali to NYC which I purchased, only to find out by email that two days later that they weren't going to honor my tickets. Hence didn't end up taking the trip."
Nevýhody: "Emirates advertised for $66 RT tickets from Mali to NYC which I purchased, only to find out by email that two days later that they weren't going to honor my tickets. Hence didn't end up taking the trip."
Výhody: "The outstanding service of the flight attendants."
Nevýhody: "Nothing!"
Výhody: "Nice food. Fast boarding. Liked the small bag with travel products."
Nevýhody: "Crew gathered blankets 30' before landing while the cabin was really cold. Crew didn't ask if you want sth to drink and were just passsing by with the trays.Movies didn't have english subs while at the same time sound was bad."
Výhody: "Food choices included vegetarian options"
Nevýhody: "Boarding lines confusing"
Výhody: "Onboard crew- Bliss was the name of the crew member on board. Efficient and a joyful personality to engage. He connected , talked and responded warmly and efficiently."
Nevýhody: "Checking in at the airport- the staff person who I dealt with was combative and inflexible. I had to ask the manager to mediate till the matter was resolved. As frequent travelers, I am aware rules change and am willing to comply. Being told my hand baggage had to be checked in and I cannot redistribute the weight or put things into my checking bags that were yet to be tagged was unreasonable. Started my trip on a negative note which was avoidable. I have found the training crew get and the ground staff get are disparate. As efficient as the onboard crew are, the ground staff in DXB and now NYC do not match up."
Výhody: "Great service; wonderful crew; best food & entertainment!"
Nevýhody: "AS we boarded the staff weighed our carry on luggage. This created hardship and stress. If they felt my carry-on bag was too heavy I would be in big trouble, because I didn't have any money to pay additional fees."
Výhody: "I flew Emirates for the first time. You guys rock. The stewardesses very quick to help with their smiley faces. The Asian vegetarian meal was okay."
Nevýhody: "Why did I not fly with you guys before???"
Výhody: "flight attendants, food, nighttime lights, seats, movies"
Nevýhody: "when the PA announcements came over the loud speaker, when i was listening to a movie, was extremely loud"
Výhody: "Great selection of entertainment available."
Nevýhody: "Seat space was very tight, and my seat was broken (would not recline). Also, a toddler screamed for over 6 hours straight with no intervention from the parents or crew."
Výhody: "Entertainment and flight information was very good.Service also very good."
Výhody: "Very friendly and helpful crew; comfortable within the limits of economy class!"
Výhody: "I liked the service, food and the crews behavior"
Nevýhody: "The only thing that I didn't like was I was told in the office that you will get free hotel room unfortunately when I arrived to Dubai they told me that I'm not in the system and you have to pay"
Nevýhody: "My baggage didn't arrive although I was having 22 hours stopover in Dubai."
Nevýhody: "Boarding tool a long time and late take off"
Nevýhody: "Landing"
Výhody: "Good amount of leg space"
Nevýhody: "Entertainment"
Výhody: "Awful airline. Will never get tickets through you again."
Nevýhody: "Airline compliance. The flight was delayed and the connecting flight left without out us. Leaving us stranded at the airport for 4 hours."
Nevýhody: "Not a lot of legroom in my Premium Economy seat (10C). Seat itself just OK, the high price isn't justified. This flight is usually about one hour late and it was."
Výhody: "I was able to get good seats, front of the plane. 3rd row for all my flights. pretty decent leg room"
Nevýhody: "flight was delayed, 2nd Austtian flight delayed in the same day"
Výhody: "Very comfortable journey, leaving on time, arriving on time"
Výhody: "On time, nice breakfast"
Nevýhody: "Not enough leg room, same as everyone"
Výhody: "Nothing. See below."
Nevýhody: "Original flight cancelled so rebooked ojba floght five hours later - then with one hour to go until that second flight, that was cancelled as well. Totally unhelpful ground staff, who were oblivious to the fact that I had a work commitment the next day so couldn’t overnight in some random hotel at an airport to suit Austrian’s policies. Eventually routed via Lisbon which meant literally flying all night to arrive at 0600. Lufthansa and Austrian have some serious faults to correct."
Výhody: "Excellent on all measures. I will definitely try to fly Austrian Air again!"
Nevýhody: "You sold wrong tickets to customers. I booked economy tickets but I got Econony lite ticket. Had to pay extra charges. You shouldn’t make money to sell lower class tickets as regular."
Nevýhody: "very rocky,, too confined for such a long flight.thank you for a good lesson not to go austrian again"
Výhody: "All flights were on schedule"
Výhody: "food was great. Slightly cold in cabin."
Nevýhody: "had a narrow connecting flight VIE to MUC, VIE flight was delayed and had to catch MUC to IAD flight in less than 15 min. One luggage was missing at baggage claim, but as DC/ Baltimore is home, luggage arrived in 48 hrs. All is well that ends well."
Výhody: "Austrian Airlines does it right— service, food, cleanliness. This was a really terrific experience. They even boarded efficiently, having those with seats in the back board first."
Nevýhody: "This was a great flying experience."
Nevýhody: "Long delay."
Výhody: "Love the 767 seating layout with 2-3-2 seating. My hubby and I got 2 by the window/aisle. I like having 2 aisles for walking around. Pasta meal was much more tasty than the chicken meal."
Nevýhody: "No free wi-fi. But, that wasn't a big deal. Just seemed unusual. If they did have it, they didn't let you know about it."
Výhody: "I watched three good movies during the flight to London. I enjoyed them."
Nevýhody: "Nothing particular."
Výhody: "Very friendly staff"
Nevýhody: "All was well"
Výhody: "boarding/deplaning relatively quick. plenty of leg room in emergency row seat"
Nevýhody: "only provided ONE meal on an 11 hour flight?? how is that ok? people were very hungry. when i asked about that, the disinterested flight attendants tried to convince me that they had in fact provided “two services” -they apparently think a small packet of crackers counts as dinner. shortly before landing they served a stale ham sandwich (8 hours after the only meal). Food quality was poor as well. during booking there was not an option to indicate dietary requirements either. not impressed with austrian air overall."
Nevýhody: "Missed my flight!!!!!"
Výhody: "The flight was comfortable and very timely."
Nevýhody: "Very little leg room."
Nevýhody: "I sat in the last corner seat on the plane... very cramped as there’s no leg room, no window & was overbooked."
Výhody: "You guys have. Very professional crew !!"
Nevýhody: "The customer service In Europe wasn’t helping out at all"
Výhody: "Ground crew was very kind"
Nevýhody: "My ordered vegetarian meal was missing on the way back :("
Výhody: "The outbound flight from Vienna to IAD had much better service. The return flight from IAD to Vienna, the crew didn't come back to refill water or ask to top up drinks. The food choices were more limited. The entertainment system on the flight needs a larger selection."
Výhody: "After flight to Vienna was cancelled, we were put on a flight to Frankfurt instead."
Nevýhody: "Kayak sent me an email at 5:16am for an 8:15 am flight titled, "Austrian Airlines flight #704 from PRG on time". It was in fact cancelled. Unfortunately we missed the connection for the flight to Newark, which we were expressly told would be held for us... they shut the door 30 seconds before we arrived, with the plane still at the gate. Had to then go to the only counter in the terminal to see if we could get on standby. Finally got on a flight to JFK instead at 5:15pm."
Výhody: "Speaking of friendly sky. Great!"
Výhody: "Everything. Keep up the good work."
Nevýhody: "I was at the back of the plane with the constant cold air breeze, it was impossible to avoid!. I caught heavy cold and still recovering!"
Výhody: "The plane crew was really nice always there for my needs."
Nevýhody: "The seats were uncortable my chair was very wobbly."
Výhody: "Hi there, the gate for the flight was changed at the last minute and I missed the connecting flight from Frankfurt to Vienna. I was told by staff that there would be a 300 Euro fee, plus the cost of the next flight. This broke my heart. why I wouldn't I simply be put on standby and get on the next flight? I ended up travelling by to Vienna by train, over the course of the next several days. I am a lone woman with a developmental disability, travelling to Europe for the first time. It was very disappointing to be treated this way. Thanks for reading."
Nevýhody: "I should have been put on the next connecting flight, rather than turned away to fend for myself in a foreign city."
Nevýhody: "Food I think getting worse."
Nevýhody: "Complete lack of information and abrupt staff when flight was delayed"
Nevýhody: "Nothing to dislike"
Výhody: "Everything was great except seats uncomfortable"
Nevýhody: "Uncomfortable seats"
Výhody: "the stewardess gave me coffee even if she already passed by me (because I was sleeping) I appreciated that :)"
Nevýhody: "I have the 'Economy Class' on the tickets. At check-in at the airport we wrote "economy light" on the boarding pass and want to pay for the first baggage. I check it on the original receipt I received by e-mail, there is ECONOMY CLASS and 1st baggage free of charge, another for a fee. So I do not understand and for two tickets I have paid 2 x 30 €."
Nevýhody: "Behavior of AA"
Nevýhody: "Flight cancelled, after delays... Then almost four more hours to get rescheduled in a different flight the next day and taken to a local hotel!"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Everything"
Výhody: "Very nice and polite crew, great service."
Nevýhody: "Regular breakfast was just a muffin and nothing else :("
Nevýhody: "I did my fligh because I was in the hospital I have send a mail to kayak and to the agent I have booked the flight with No one got back to me yet!!!!!!!"
Výhody: "Staff are pleasant and competent."
Výhody: "Most things were OK"
Nevýhody: "Except a crying baby near me, during first half of the flight"
Nevýhody: "Been traveling with Auystrian for a while now and so far so good, I'm very satisfied"
Výhody: "My husband's experience with their flight from Chicago to Vienna was amazing. Everybody helped accomodate him with our 15 month baby boy."
Nevýhody: "The crew (check-in desk & flight crew did not put any effort to help accomodate us). They even asked us to do all the work in asking around. Squeezed us in the tightest place possible for travelling with our baby boy. Will not recommend your airline because of this!"
Výhody: "Never again with KAYAK. Sorry."
Výhody: "The flight was on time and the crew were very friendly."

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Přestupů: 2Více letišť
29hod 00minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Více letišť
29hod 20minREP-PRG
31 420 Kč
Přestupů: 2Emirates
45hod 55minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Emirates
52hod 35minREP-PRG
32 772 Kč
Přestupů: 2Emirates
39hod 15minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Emirates
52hod 35minREP-PRG
32 946 Kč
Přestupů: 2Více letišť
38hod 15minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Více letišť
32hod 05minREP-PRG
32 990 Kč
Přestupů: 2Emirates
39hod 05minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Emirates
53hod 45minREP-PRG
33 034 Kč
Přestupů: 2Emirates
45hod 55minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Emirates
52hod 35minREP-PRG
33 252 Kč
Přestupů: 2Emirates
45hod 55minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Emirates
52hod 35minREP-PRG
33 426 Kč
Přestupů: 2Singapore Airlines
20hod 40minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Singapore Airlines
41hod 35minREP-PRG
33 513 Kč
Přestupů: 2Více letišť
38hod 15minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Více letišť
21hod 15minREP-PRG
34 712 Kč
Přestupů: 2Více letišť
22hod 15minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 3Více letišť
30hod 10minREP-PRG
38 703 Kč
Přestupů: 2Austrian Airlines
20hod 45minPRG-REP
Přestupů: 2Austrian Airlines
51hod 20minREP-PRG
41 145 Kč

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Lety do Siem Reap Province

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Siem Reap Province - Česká republika

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31 420 Kč

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31 420 Kč