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Japan AirlinesCelkové skóre založené na 4648 recenzích
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Flight from Tokyo to Dallas pleasant. One Stewardess offered 1 type of breakfast fried noodles. While another one thought no one approached me but asked if I want noodles or eggs for breakfast. In other words..not same offerings. Upon arrival in wherlchair assistance. Had ro walk from tarmac to terminal, to Immigration, Customs then baggage help.

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Flight from Tokyo to Dallas pleasant. One Stewardess offered 1 type of breakfast fried noodles. While another one thought no one approached me but asked if I want noodles or eggs for breakfast. In other words..not same offerings. Upon arrival in wherlchair assistance. Had ro walk from tarmac to terminal, to Immigration, Customs then baggage help.

Nevýhody: "Economy seat was very uncomfortable even though it reclined a lot. Was very disappointed I could not sleep on 12 hour flight. Arm rests too low? Shape of backrest was odd. Maybe provide a bigger pillow in addition to neck pillow to have something to rest arms on. Also tou need more movies. Singapore Airlines has many more options. Overall airplane, crew and food were very nice"
Nevýhody: "I didnt get bulk head seats that are near the restroom for my disabled father. He had a terrible flight"
Výhody: "The crew was attentive and service was excellent."
Nevýhody: "At check-in counter in MNL, the JAL agent mistakenly told me that I don't need to claim my bag and re-check at DFW before heading to final destination MEM. Food wasn't as good as previous JAL flights earlier this year and last year. That said, it's still better than other airlines."
Výhody: "friendliness"
Nevýhody: "food"
Nevýhody: "Wider arm rests"
Výhody: "The crew provided excellent service and the food is really great."
Nevýhody: "My only issue was the other travellers not related to JAL. I was unable to properly sleep due to the toddler's whining and the senior who stopped me from reclining my seat."
Výhody: "Crew very helpful. Seat roomy."
Výhody: "Very comfortable and nice atmosphere"
Výhody: "Service was excellent and seats were comfortable."
Výhody: "Nothing to note"
Nevýhody: "Food, could not check in online or preselect seats. Could not upgrade to business class"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "food from manila to japan was excellent,food japan to vancouver was not...could only eat half of it"
Výhody: "Crew very polite, friendly and respectful."
Nevýhody: "Flightsame as"
Výhody: "Nice leg room and excellent head phones nice crews"
Nevýhody: "No complaints! Not even one!"
Výhody: "Everything!!! Excellent customer service. Will definitely use their airlines whenever possible.Very polite and always smiling and frequently checks on you if u need anything unlike other airlines."
Nevýhody: "None whatsoever."
Výhody: "Always on time!"
Nevýhody: "Selections of movies"
Výhody: "Fast Service , cheerful Members , and positive Vibes all the time."
Nevýhody: "I wasn't able to pre-select my seat."
Nevýhody: "I’m flying internationa flight but, I can’t get enough or right answer from my question due to Luck of english language. I’m not perfect when it come to this language but I can communicate properly."
Výhody: "Everything. The flight attendants were courteous, kind, and efficient. The seats in economy were large. The entertainment system had many options and was easy to use. The food was great and plentiful."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "The crew were very polite"
Nevýhody: "No choice of menu and films only very limited choice."
Výhody: "Seat width, Crew Service,"
Nevýhody: "Web Site Check in is cumbersome"
Výhody: "The legroom is comfortable for a tall person."
Výhody: "Efficient and friendly service. Second time flying them, and will continue to fly JAL."
Nevýhody: "N/A"
Výhody: "Plane is modern with good in flight entertainment and a usb charger to keep your mobile devices charged."
Nevýhody: "Because it is Japan Airlines, the food is authentically Japanese. Unlike US based international flights, they only serve one meal with zero alternatives."
Výhody: "Excellent customer service"
Výhody: "Food, pleasant and helpful flight attendants"
Nevýhody: "Long layovets"
Výhody: "Very nice quality crew and consistent service. Very helpful at desk check-in. Compared to US airlines, is much prefer Japan Airlines!"
Nevýhody: "The flight was late to board. The crew was polite but not overly friendly. I wish they had an earlier flight so we didn't have a 15 hr delay in Narita but I guess the itinerary is what it is."
Výhody: "When I checked in for my flight it was fast, efficient and friendly. Their Manila staff is awesome! I was very impressed and happy with their service. I will be using JAL again."
Výhody: "The service is excellent and the quality of food is much better than most international airlines. Haven't used Japan Airlines in years but their service has been exceptionally consistent."
Nevýhody: "Outdated entertainment system and the not-so-clean restrooms (perhaps due to a full flight or that passengers are just plain dirty)."
Výhody: "Food, lavatory experience"
Nevýhody: "Small carry and carry on bag"
Výhody: "Great service. Great in flight entertainment. Served a meal. Had USB charge port. Spacious even though I was in the last row."
Nevýhody: "Wish they offered a vegetarian meal, however the food was great and I still was satisfied with the parts I could eat."
Výhody: "Courteous and helpful crew members and I liked the delicious meal served during our flight."
Nevýhody: "Nothing."
Výhody: "The service Japan Airlines gives is always the best service possible.They treat you like they need you and not the other way around.I will fly with them again."
Výhody: "The check-in was flawless and gave me accurate information about my luggage being checked all the way through. I had an overnight layover in Tokyo and they handled my luggage the way I expected."
Výhody: "That it was comfortable."
Výhody: "Good staff service and friendly people. The food was good. The flight was on time."
Nevýhody: "The Pilot communicated to the passengers only one time during this 4 1/2 hour flight. The flight attendants were making the announcements for arrival information and timing. Maybe in this culture the Pilot is above speaking to the passengers."
Výhody: "The crew was very nice and solicitous and helpful. This is my third trip with JAL and I. Happy about it."
Výhody: "Seats in cos are comfortable and plenty of leg room compare to US airlines. Food selection is very good as well as the service. Flight Attendants were very friendly and attentive. Will fly JAL again!"
Výhody: "Service from cabin attendants was excellent, specially the crew announcing up coming turbulence, foods, landing. Price is good as well."
Nevýhody: "No big deal, I don't care some of the food, smells fishy. Like I said no big deal, still using Japan Airlines."
Výhody: "Clean and very good service."
Nevýhody: "Food."
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Flight was diverted to another airport and when we finally got to Tokyo, the next flight's gate had closed even though it didn't leave for another two hours. We had to wait in a huge line to get rebooked and it was clear the Japan Airlines employees did not know what they were doing. Put me on a flight next day and couldn't even provide hotels for us (gave us $100 to find our own which was near impossible at that time). I had to sleep in a sleeping bag in the airport overnight by myself."
Výhody: "The space, the courtesy of the staff, the food. Loved the noodle breakfast."
Nevýhody: "Could not understand the announcements ... what a thing to "complain" about. Could not choose out seats online."
Výhody: "food was great flight attendants are courteous and reliable"
Nevýhody: "Boarding was actually good. It was checking your luggages in and getting your boarding passes which was POOR. Passengers on International flights going out of the Philippines are advised be at the airport at least 3 hours before scheduled flight. Well, the JAL check-in counter opened at 650AM for the 950AM flight (exactly 3 hours before the scheduled flight), with maybe some 50 people already in line. With most passengers coming far from the airport, it will be very very helpful if the counter, even at least one counter, would open earlier, so that passengers who came in early could check in early and wait comfortably in the departure area."
Nevýhody: "being moved"
Výhody: "Big bathroom, bide, wifi, movies, very good coffee, spacious seating areas, the price of airfare!!"
Nevýhody: "Everything!"

Singapore airlines has resumed after Covid selling premium services but not opened lounges to cater for the demand you cannot get a seat in their lounges and social distancing is non existent. I wouldn't pay for services you don't get so be aware.

I love everything about Singapore airlines excepted fact that you cannot reach a person to speak with anything with on the phone that is the only reason I may not use a Singapore Airlines again I tried many times to call someone and cannot speak to a person about some specific problems that I need to speak with an individual about

I have guitar when I fly, they don’t allow to take the guitar with you on board even the bins was empty

We enjoyed the flight very much. The flight staff was very helpful and friendly.

Výhody: "Singapore Airlines has everything worked out for you before you land. That's a great help. The stewardesses were just phenomenal and endlessly polite. I will definitely use them again."
Nevýhody: "As much as I normally nitpick something, I literally have no criticism at all of Singapore Airlines. Everything they did was a step above everyone else."
Výhody: "Reliable service, clean cabin"
Výhody: "Crew could have been less rude"
Výhody: "Entertainment"
Nevýhody: "Crew miss my drink"
Výhody: "checking in at Changi Airport is always a pleasure, helpful friendly staff"
Nevýhody: "the food is disgusting"
Nevýhody: "In flight food service by cabin crew was spotty, sometimes they gave you coffee with dinner , sometime not, they are very forgetful. Please improve on this issue."
Výhody: "The crew was amazing. It was my first time flying so I was a little nervous but they made me feel safe and welcomed. The friendly crew was honestly what made the whole experience great."
Nevýhody: "Nothing much"
Nevýhody: "Seats after 1st hr, will feel uncomfortable"
Výhody: "Crew was attentive and made extra effort to meet special requests from passengers."
Výhody: "Amazing crew and service. My kids were well looked after in business class even though my 2 year old was a little sick. Book the cook meal was excellent and great entertainment options. Seat was enormous!"
Nevýhody: "Nothing significant!"
Nevýhody: "The lunch part at the end was a little late we had just had a snack and a small sandwich so we didn't eat a lot. But food was great!"
Výhody: "Same as above on SIN-BKK"
Nevýhody: "Next time in B787 Dreamliner"
Výhody: "Kindy flight attedances,,smooth boarding,,delicious food"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Entertainment system ok"
Nevýhody: "Change if gate 30 minutes before departure and no info at old gate. New gate very far away, terrible for old people."
Nevýhody: "Transit time is good for way too tight"
Nevýhody: "My moslem meal selection wasn’t provided onboard"
Výhody: "Well organized boarding, friendliness of staff, food service"
Nevýhody: "Flight was delayed by about an hour."
Nevýhody: "The toilets were a little unsanitary."
Nevýhody: "Flight was late due to the eternal airtraffic mess at suvanabhumi whenever it rains"
Výhody: "Entertainment ok but not newest, boarding smooth, food ok"
Nevýhody: "Long waiting time for baggage, food not exceptional"
Výhody: "My neighbor"
Nevýhody: "Fight war delayed and we got a security check upon arrival"
Výhody: "Friendly and helpful crew. Efficient service and good boarding. Seemingly wider seats than the newer A350s."
Nevýhody: "Positively ancient entertainment system with poor selection and bad visual quality. Ads pop up every time you go into another menu. If you're flying SIN->BNE I'd avoid the 7.20am departure, you'll get the old 777-200s rather than the A350s they run on other departures."
Výhody: "Again friendly and efficient staff and a smooth flight. Best features of Singapore Airlines."
Nevýhody: "The business class seats were smaller than I thought and not so comfortable as the 777. The seats are hard and ungiving and when you sleep on them you really feel it. Plus the flatbed lay out meant you were basically lying in a question mark position, not so goof for tall people like my husband. The food was good but uninteresting and I think for an overnight flight there should be more smaller,lighter, non spicy options offered rather that full dinners."
Výhody: "In flight entertainment systems"
Nevýhody: "I had beef with mashed potatoes but I found the beef was quite tough."
Výhody: "Arrived"
Nevýhody: "Boarding a mess, 30% boarded as "business". Food terrible. Entertainment system doesn't work on a lot of seats as plane is very old. Cabin crew not able to handle the passengers, delayed in every aspect and forget to serve passengers. Shitty flight and service."
Výhody: "check-in, priority lane, BKK-SKL, boarding, crew, cabin, disembark, baggage claim to cab home"
Nevýhody: "baby crying throughout the flight"
Výhody: "The ability to pre-order food helped bud to intolerance of good types. Crew were helpful in getting us off the place first because they knew were were short on time for our connection."
Nevýhody: "Delayed flight meant a stressful flight wondering if we would make our connection. Also the quality of the pilot on the intercom was poor - mumbled and unclear information."
Výhody: "Everyone was very attentive and nice. The leg room is decent ."
Nevýhody: "Some of the food didn't taste amazing, would've like maybe a different choice other than salmon or curry pork"
Nevýhody: "I Booked a flight that stated that it only had one stop in singapore, then direct to SFO after arriving in singapore i was told that i had to go to a transfer counter, that there was a problem with my ticket. after arriving at the transfer counter they took my boarding pass for my dircet flight to SFO, & told me that i now had a stop in hong kong, that the direct flight to SFO was over booked!! this is not right i wouldn't of booked this flight if they had been truthfull about the extra stop. i will never use singapore airline or kayak again!!!"
Výhody: "But I got to take Qatar airline and the service was great"
Nevýhody: "Almost missed the flight, havent noticed the passengers in prior"
Výhody: "great crew service. my first time flying with singapore airlines. they delivered!"
Nevýhody: "Mediocre food, lousy entertainment system that belongs to the last decade. Singapore Airlines has not been the premium carrier it was a decade ago and is now simply a so-so airline charging exorbitant fares."
Výhody: "Service is the best among the airlines I’ve ever taken"
Nevýhody: "Never ever get free upgrade"
Výhody: "The service from the ground crew and cabin crew are very professional. Friendly and very helpful."
Výhody: "Boarding ok, timely departure. Food very good for plane food."
Nevýhody: "Announced early landing but then doing circles without any update, we ended up being 30min late. Updates would have been good."
Výhody: "Overall experience and wonderful crew"
Nevýhody: "Nothing really."
Výhody: "None"
Nevýhody: "Crew"
Nevýhody: "Food was very poor."
Výhody: "The flight wasn't full so we had a spare seat between us, That made economy barely tolerable."
Nevýhody: "The seats in economy are now Way TOO SMALL! You better start calling Economy - "Stearage"! Food was not as good as on past flights with SA. Movie selection not as good as past SA flights. Earphones supplied are horrible!!!"
Výhody: "Very helpful and polite staff"
Nevýhody: "Old B777-200 with small personal screen. And they don't have pillows on board."
Výhody: "Had good experience on Bangalore sfo return journey. In particular your ground staff and aboard the flight were so warm and receptive. Only thing is that seating in the economy class could a little more better. Thnx SA"
Výhody: "The comfortable with pillow & blanket given... Crews are friendly & approachable."
Nevýhody: "The food is average taste... a bit salty :("
Výhody: "crews are energetic and warm welcoming passengers."
Nevýhody: "aircon temperature is too hot for seat 50H area."
Výhody: "Everything"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "I am still trying to find my bags. I missed my connection and Jet Blue made me stand in a line to get rebooked for 7 hours. Unprofessional, uncaring. None of this was my fault but everyone who represents Jet Blue treated me as if it were. Never again"
Nevýhody: "Being on time"
Výhody: "Great staff"
Nevýhody: "Food and service about drinks limited unfortunately"
Výhody: "Yes"
Nevýhody: "All good"
Nevýhody: "why did they take my blanket and headphones 1 hour before we land?"
Výhody: "The seats were amazingly narrow and uncomfortable. Difficult to get out of; did not see crew very often with water"
Nevýhody: "Less confusing controls on the equipmentl"
Nevýhody: "Scrambled eggs breakfast was more like a mousse and had no texture"
Výhody: "Crew was amazing and meals were perfect."
Výhody: "In flight entertainment was excellent"
Nevýhody: "My first flight the seat was towards the back and was smaller than others."
Výhody: "A380s are good aircraft. Emirates entertainment is second to none ."
Nevýhody: "I'm the first leg 777 aircraft sat towards the back and my window seat was smaller than most seats. I had 1 hour 25 minutes connection in Dubai . But it was a VERY. Long walk from C3 to B14 . By the time for of the plane and reached my connecting gate t8gey were already boarding . Dubai is too big"
Výhody: "Crew were excellent"
Nevýhody: "The TV was small and poor resolution and brightness. Also no USB power at my seat."
Výhody: "-Crew were nice and friendly -Aircraft had nice new business class products -Food was good -Lavatories were good -Great entertainment system and selection -Air ventilation over seat -High walls - good privacy for window seat -Intuitive buttons and menus for controlling seat and entertainment system"
Nevýhody: "-Seats were in a high-density 2-3-2 configuration on a 7-hour flight -Narrow seats -Limited storage space near seat -Could not figure out how to use wifi -Boarding announcement was made late"
Výhody: "On time boarding . Crew was helpful"
Nevýhody: "Food was not satisfactory"
Výhody: "Friendly staff at boarding and on flight. Very attentive."
Nevýhody: "Food was not as nice as other airlines and my 11 yo daughter was only provided normal adult meal. For full service airline actually went thirsty - constant water should be a given."
Nevýhody: "Far too low temperature settings"
Výhody: "I definitely love Emirates' use of the A380 as it is more spacious and therefore offers a more comfortable ride. It also helps that their cabin crew were accommodating and the services offered onboard were good."
Výhody: "What I like is the food served, the entertainment, and the toilet."
Nevýhody: "What I didn’t like is some of the stewardess attitude wasn’t really good, they have the grumpy face throughout. My seat, was unable to push back, the button was gone."
Výhody: "Ease of checkin"
Nevýhody: "Delayed take off Delayed baggage retrieval’s"
Výhody: "Good selection of movies and special menu for the festive season."
Nevýhody: "Slight delay on the tarmac."
Výhody: "Flight was quite empty and boarding was swift and easy."
Výhody: "Crew were friendly"
Nevýhody: "Why are Emirates business Class seats on 777 so weirdly configured - you have to be a stick insect to squeeze out of bulkhead row 8 window seats because of hideous mock walnut trunk slung between the seats to house aisle TV screen."
Výhody: "Good inflight entertainment"
Nevýhody: "Inflight service perfunctory Food of adequate standard Both used to be much better on Emirates"
Výhody: "Comfortable seat, even in economy class. Very quiet engine noise. Extensive in-flight entertainment. Attentive crew."
Nevýhody: "Boarding experience was cumbersome and overly complicated. After going through the whole security screening process to enter the departures area (I boarded in Singapore), the whole security process is performed again to get to the gate. Why do I and my carry-on luggage need to be checked twice? Once at the gate, all passengers are herded like sheep into an area that has insufficient seats for the number of passengers, so many are left to stand or sit on the floor. If the airline wants to use a plane that carries 500+ passengers, then use a gate that can accommodate that number."
Výhody: "Nice airport"
Nevýhody: "It took Emirates a while to let passengers out. 1 hr layover is just barely in enough, expect to run or fast walk to connecting flights. Not organize when boarding aircraft."
Výhody: "Polite staff and professional."
Nevýhody: "I was asleep so I did not get my arrival card from the crew when landing in transit in Yangon"
Výhody: "The food and service. Toilets are clean"
Nevýhody: "Should watch on how many beer/champagne the steward serving to the customer as we had an old man who is super drunk sitting beside us and keep asking for more. Should also include toothbrush for our overnight flight as we reached Melbourne in the morning."
Nevýhody: "Bad seat"
Výhody: "In flight meals were quite good. In fact, I would order the smoked chicken salad if I were in a restaurant. Service by cabin crew was excellent as well. Courteous, friendly and knowledgeable$o."
Nevýhody: "In flight entertainment could have more recent movies."
Nevýhody: "Seat a little uncomfortable even with mattress. Food not great."
Výhody: "I liked everything :) And the stuff was great I really enjoyed it ;)"
Výhody: "Crew were lovely"
Nevýhody: "Insufficient vegan option"
Výhody: "I like the food , yummy"
Nevýhody: "I was in window seat. When serving food and beverages crew didn't give much concern."
Výhody: "they serve and ask what it needs to like with smile; thanks for all of anyways."
Výhody: "The plane were newer. Larger monitor."
Výhody: "Everyone was very plesant. The flight dinner was tasty."
Nevýhody: "THe Entertainment system did not work. which meant no tv, info or seat adjustment. this was in First Class. horrible"
Nevýhody: "The touchscreens on the 777s were a bit unresponsive."
Nevýhody: "Very bad change process, through vyaname It was impossible to change the flight although it was 5 days earlier And wr missed the flight"
Výhody: "Upgraded to Business Class. On a A380 its really significant."
Nevýhody: "The crew was abit too talkative during non-service."
Výhody: "Food was ok"
Nevýhody: "Smallest leg room ever"
Výhody: "The in flight entertainment and food was enjoyable. Overall service of the crew was excellent."
Nevýhody: "The flight was delayed ~10 minutes boarding and I would have appreciated announcements to update the passengers with what was going on / the status of the flight."
Nevýhody: "The crew was very impolite."
Výhody: "Wow totally worth it. I'm now spoiled by how fantastic this airline is. Entertainment, service, food, and comfort. If emirates is flying to my destination I will for sure use them."
Nevýhody: "None"
Nevýhody: "Baggage took almost 2 hours to get out at return destination"
Nevýhody: "No information re cancelled flight, board at Dubai indicated flight delayed with no time or boarding gate. Over 300 people at Emirates / Qantas customer service desk and 2 operators. Only found out that the flight may be cancelled from an email from kayak. Eventually got on a flight 6 and a half hours later. When leaving the board still said ek5101 delayed. I am sure if left up to Emirates / Qantas we would still be sitting at Dubai looking at the board."
Výhody: "The media system was great. I enjoyed the food and the crew was very nice."
Nevýhody: "Slow cleanup after food service."
Výhody: "I flew from Nairobi to Dubai and then to New York. Very pleasant crew, beautiful plane inside and out, excellent food in the plane. Overall a very pleasant experience. Also the Airbus 380 is just superb. Such a big bird that one."
Nevýhody: "I am personally opposed to entertainment. I see it as the devil and the world's substitute for true joy that is only found in God as he is revealed in Jesus Christ. So it is sad for me to see all the entertainment centered culture. It shows itself very much in the plane. Everyone with a screen infront of them to keep them entertained. Headphones to cut you off from the fellow next to you. Some very rotten movies on there too."
Výhody: "We love Emirates. The previous flights and crew have been amazing. Most likely due to the plane only being half full. However the service, food, comfort and entertainment are the best I have ever experienced. The staff when able are more then helpful. They are friendly and engaging. The baggage allowance is amazing as well."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "The staff was amazing. Honestly much better than our other 3 emirates flights this trip. Those were ok but this crew went above and beyond. I was 20 weeks pregnant and they constantly checked on me, making sure I was comfortable, even offering some fruit to make sure my blood sugar was ok after noticing I couldnt stomach the regular meal."
Nevýhody: "More turbulence than usual... but they warned us about it and I know it was beyond their control. Also, the gate change in the airport was pretty rough, but that was more of a Dubai issue than Emirates. Still, it was a long way for a jetlagged pregnant woman to walk and there was no assistance available. Whenever we passed a transport car the driver was busy on their cell phone and uninterested in offering a ride."
Výhody: "Variety and choice of media entertainment was superb. Enjoyed the food and service."
Výhody: "The seat that I picked."
Nevýhody: "Running water in the bathroom"
Výhody: "Very pleasant and comfortable flight."
Nevýhody: "NA"
Výhody: "Business class is the best"
Výhody: "Excellent crew, quick serving a lunch on a 1.5 hour flight."
Nevýhody: "Just don't like all the trips to and from flights on the bus at Doha."
Výhody: "The service is really good. The only downside is that you have to be in Doha. But it’s always nice to leave Doha."
Nevýhody: "The push button entertainment system doesn’t work well. You have to keep pressing buttons to make a movie play. And by pressing buttons, I mean, you have to hit the screen and wake up the person whose head is on the other side of the headrest."
Výhody: "The service. The friendly crew. The clean airplane and bathrooms, the food and drinks. A1"
Nevýhody: "Delayed flight for no apparent reason"
Nevýhody: "I truly enjoy this airline! No complaints"
Nevýhody: "Qatar airline is one of the best ways to fly!"
Výhody: "It was an ok experience, improved by the head of attendants at the end"
Nevýhody: "Service was poor at the beginning, but improved to Qatar service as I complained to the supervisor of the attendants Julia"
Výhody: "Crew was nice and attentive"
Nevýhody: "More leg room"
Výhody: "professional and courteous staff. Food is even better than a Lufthasa flights"
Nevýhody: "Great selection of movies and the food was really good as well."
Nevýhody: "Delay at landing"
Nevýhody: "Really we enjoyed this fly"
Výhody: "Q-suites and business class flight crew."
Nevýhody: "Everything from check in up to boarding. Ground staff lacked hospitality. Disappointing frequent flyer program."
Výhody: "Very polite and friendly crew. Very helpful."
Nevýhody: "Did not have the duty free item I wanted in stock"
Výhody: "Good service best price, good food comfort I think is best airlines in word in my opinion"
Výhody: "Everything was first class with excellent service"
Nevýhody: "Long flight with long layover in Doha"
Nevýhody: "As above"
Nevýhody: "Boarding"
Výhody: "Qatar airlines had the nicest planes I have ever been on, not to mention the most beautiful and clean airport."
Nevýhody: "Screaming children; not the airliners fault"
Výhody: "the attendants were always on top of things. One of best overall flights ever."
Výhody: "I havn't flown a lot of international flights, but Qatar Airways is now my favorite"
Nevýhody: "The entertainment did not include any music (classical or otherwise)."
Výhody: "on my flight from bkk to Doha all the flight attendants were very helpful. One in particular with the name Mary Jane, was very helpful and she stood out among the rest. Thank you for your kindness and help when I couldn't eat some of the foods on board. Whom can I write an email to so that I can be sure that she gets noticed for her work? Thank you"
Výhody: "Good crew. Nice plane and amenities."
Nevýhody: "Flight to was canceled due to engine issues. Flight home was canceled due to scheduling error. Issue resolved at check in, but caused stress."
Výhody: "I liked the crew"
Nevýhody: "My first flight to DOHA was cancelled"
Výhody: "view above"
Nevýhody: "A gent was VERY tall. I couldn't put my seat back at all. The kicking was so bad I changed my seat."
Výhody: "Great airline with spanking new plans and top of the line service"
Nevýhody: "Nothing!"
Výhody: "Nice people"
Nevýhody: "6-hour delays coming and going. Sounds like a an issue."
Výhody: "The price for the flight was very excellent. The entertainment was very good with the movie selections."
Nevýhody: "In Bangkok, I've already checked in on line and all I have to do was drop off my bag and get a boarding pass. There was one to two person doing the checked in and it took about 40 minutes to get done, unacceptable. The lines for non on line check in went faster then the on-line and they have four times more people that was in the on-line checked in. In flight, the seat felt liked you're sitting on a rock after a couple of hours. I'm an aircraft mechanic who used to be a flyer with 7,000 flying hours."
Nevýhody: "I was hoping to replace worldmate with you application. you got it wrong. I travelled from Doha to Guanzhou, Bangkok and back to Doha. I don't even know where Sohag is!!!!! Qatar airways did a perfect job as usual."
Výhody: "Everything"
Výhody: "Respect the scheduel and well organize."
Nevýhody: "The seats are terrible."
Výhody: "The flight crew was polite. The plane was clean and comfortable. The food was well timed and delicious. They explained everything in full, and were extremely apologetic when there was one short delay. All of my planes were for the most part well timed (we had one short delay)"
Výhody: "Absolutely nothing!!!!!!"
Nevýhody: "The fact that our flight was cancelled without being notified. I will never make flight arrangements with them again!!!!!"
Výhody: "Service"
Výhody: "- Efficient boarding and check-in - on time arrivals"
Nevýhody: "- Food is not as good as in past years. No variety. - -- Attendants don't come around for second beverage (not talking about water distribution) - Planes are showing wear, USB plugs not working"
Nevýhody: "I've never had this huge an issue on check in. Set us back over 45 minutes, and we could not get the VAT refund. I will not be paying more to fly on Qatar again based on our incoming and outgoing issues. I wouldn't rate it any higher than other cheaper options."
Výhody: "Qatar airlines blew me away! The food was top notch and frequent, the flight attendants were incredibly nice and attentive, the planes and entertainment were world class aND they were affordable for our flight from Boston to Bangkok."
Výhody: "Crew was great"
Výhody: "The flight was comfortable. The flight attendants were pleasant and attentive."
Nevýhody: "After the flight landed we had to present our boarding passes one by one so they could be inspected again and our names were crossedoing off some list. It really slowed down meeting our ride and getting to customs. I think it also contributed o our flight being delayed since the flight before us had to do the same thing as they disembarked. I would be more concerned if my flight had a close connection if this is a standard practice. This was my first flight with Qatar. If the practice is standard I won't keep flying them."
Výhody: "Great flights. lots of room in economy."
Výhody: "I don't like at all"
Nevýhody: "Costumer service in Thailand was very bad and pool. Staff is so rude and looks down people."
Nevýhody: "Seat is not comfortable at all."
Výhody: "Customer Service was excellent. Very roomie, and comfortable. Plane was also very neat and clean. They also had all of the latest movies and other entertainment. I will for sure fly with them again."
Výhody: "I like the space, equipment that work Space in comparison with other airlines but could be even better once human rights become more important than cashing in ( that is a comment meant for all airlines"
Nevýhody: "The wifi was useless"
Výhody: "Comfortable seats"
Nevýhody: "Cabin was very warm for a long time. Boarding could be more organized. Food - fish for main fish and tuna salad. I like fish, but really?"
Výhody: "The seat was comfortable enough."
Nevýhody: "Boarding is disorganized. Food wasn’t heated properly so the fish just had coagulated oil coating it."
Výhody: "Flight was just 10 minutes late so not bad. Smooth flight with courteous flight crew and attractive flight attendants. Great choice of in flight films. Watched 2!"
Výhody: "Crews are friendly"
Nevýhody: "Delays should be reduced"
Výhody: "Big plane, excellent entertainment on seat, excellent food, nice crews."
Nevýhody: "Passengers with children & elderlies should be boarded first for priority, for strict implementation."
Nevýhody: "It was ok"
Výhody: "The flight was in time. Boarding didn’t take long. Crew was friendly and worked fast distributing snacks for a 25-minute flight. In-flight magazine is informative and colorful."
Nevýhody: "Phone check-in until 1 hr before departure would’ve been helpful."
Nevýhody: "New Aircraft with more seating space"
Výhody: "On time smooth flight"
Výhody: "Void Jancok"
Nevýhody: "Void Jancok"
Výhody: "Checkin process very smooth"
Nevýhody: "Boarding process, and gate assigned is quite far .."
Výhody: "Despite a short delay fo boarding, everything's just great!"
Nevýhody: "a short delay on boarding"
Výhody: "Fast boarding"
Nevýhody: "Food is low quality. Nothing special."
Výhody: "I LOVED the Flight Attendants' uniforms. Smile!"
Výhody: "On time"
Nevýhody: "Passengers Have to walk a long way during boarding as the plane is not at the assigned intl gate but on the domestic side. Food is bland, instant noodle may taste much better."
Výhody: "As above"
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Flight was comfortable enough. Nothing special, but got me safely to my destination. Service was good, plenty of food"
Nevýhody: "Meals were just okay. I flew Cathway last month abd their food was better, plus they gave us hagendaz ice cream which was a major happiness booster."
Nevýhody: "The flight was on time, everything on schedule. Everything was good"
Výhody: "The boarding procedure from CGK T3 is pretty smooth and good!"
Nevýhody: "The food... taste quite weird. It’s a far far cry from the standard of an Indonesian food."
Výhody: "Boarding on time, efficient flight, handled well, on time at destination."
Nevýhody: "Long check in queue, many counters closed, counter staff seemed very busy with talking to their colleagues while checking in passengers. I am used better from Garuda."
Nevýhody: "Plane was delayed"
Výhody: "Smooth flight on time including lunch service. Good entertainment system. Friendly attentive crew."
Nevýhody: "Low quality food. On arrival in Bali walked a long way inside terminal down corridors and up-down stairs without anyone guiding disembarking passengers and without signs guiding us. We even passed other passengers in the halls boarding their flights. So disorganized!"
Výhody: "The flight crew was amazing, as always. Boarding was fast and simple. And the flight wasn't packed so there was plenty of room."
Nevýhody: "There really wasn't anything bad. But I transferred from a Boing-777 so the smaller, older plane just didn't feel "nice". But it's only a 1hr flight so whatever."
Výhody: "Flight on 737, took off on time, from Bali new terminals, arrived on time. Lots of leg room."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Great experience, friendly staff, great food. (I travelled business class)."
Nevýhody: "Boarding started late. Needed to wait quite some time in the corridor, without further explanation. Likely because of a rain leakage, but there was staff, who could have explained it."
Výhody: "The crew was very friendly. The airplane was on-time, clean and comfortable. The food was delicious. There was no in-flight entertainment, but that's ok. The flight was short."
Nevýhody: "There was no in-flight entertainment, but like I said it was ok since it was a short flight."
Výhody: "Crew still manage to provide their excellent services instead of all of the problem related to boarding."
Nevýhody: "There's no dedicated Garuda counter for internet checked-in international passengers at Soekarno Hatta T3; you need to queue together with the other passengers. I've put a formal suggestion before to Garuda several months ago; seems nobody care. Gate information is confusing, initially shown gate number at *domestic* terminal; then changed again twice. In the end they took you on a bus-ride to domestic gate; need to climb a couple of narrow stairs (good luck for older people); the escalator next to it is set for descending only while the ground crew doing nothing. Then your plane are on the 7th queue for another 20 minutes. Food is mediocre, in flight entertainment suddenly went blank and resetting for several minutes."
Výhody: "Absolutely nothing - your Arline’s cancelled our flight and could got us out in 1 instead of 3 days late. You even tried charge a change fee or $ 800 more for business class Tix to depart earlier!"
Nevýhody: "see message above"
Výhody: "Beautiful NEW Terminal at Jakarta!, but Plenty of food outlets. Waiting areas are very large and accommodating. Security area is large and extremely efficient in processing passengers. Security personnel were friendly."
Nevýhody: "Due to the enormous inside volume it is impossible to maintain a pleasant air temperature. It's nearly impossible to hear any announcements due to the extremely poor acoustics. The large open spaces and ceramic tile floors aren't conducive to hearing anything! No announcement to the departure time as we were already 20 minutes past the established boarding time as indicated on the boarding pass. I was sitting quite close to the check-in counter and was able to decipher that the boarding process was going to happen soon, so I took a position in the line without any announcement."
Výhody: "good"
Nevýhody: "-"
Výhody: "GA always Great"
Výhody: "I had low expectations and the entire process felt like flying in the states but with much better food!"
Výhody: "..service great - I normally fly Singapore airlines - but now I will always consider guruda"
Nevýhody: "...had same movies going to Indonesia ...and on the return journey to London being a 14hr 20 min flight to Jakarta I had watched many of the film's - I was a little disappointed to see the film list hadn't changed when I was about to sit through a 13 hr return trip !!"
Výhody: "bagus"
Nevýhody: "bagus"
Výhody: "Gr8 service on land and air way to go Garuda"
Výhody: "Poor selection an d or updated often enough!"
Výhody: "One thing that i love about garuda indonesia is their service"
Nevýhody: "The entertainment system need more variation"
Výhody: "Nothing"
Nevýhody: "Staffs separate seat from parent and kids. Crazy."
Výhody: "In Indonesia you fly Garuda not because it is cheapest, but because it has generally the best ontime record"
Nevýhody: "Departure gate changed over boarding time. The waiting gate was hot"
Výhody: "Their lounge in Soekarno Hatta is cozy with a lot of food choices."
Nevýhody: "Now, they won't give you a choice for the meal. The movie selection has been stagnant for three months. Boarding in Soekarno Hatta is based on first come first based basis, not based on class/membership/row number."
Výhody: "The crew are polite."
Nevýhody: "Insufficient information about boarding , no announcement. No information screen. The food was a bit strange."
Nevýhody: "Sin-Jkt Fish with Rice: rice was very salty"
Výhody: "Garuda has come a long way to be voted as worlds best cabin. I'm impressed by the service and the food. It certainly has improved. Certainly will fly again with them."
Nevýhody: "The only negative feedback was the transit in Depansar whereby luggages have to be claimed when transferred from international to domestic terminal. This is cumbersome and time consuming. As luggage have to be check on again. I do hope they will have auto self transferred in the near future."
Výhody: "The staff, on time departure and everything was friendly."
Nevýhody: "Nothing"
Výhody: "Crew was friendly and professional"
Nevýhody: "The boarding area at Jakarta airport was so too small and didn't have enough seats. Many had to stand. Lacking class."
Výhody: "Professional and Excellent Customer Service"
Výhody: "Cabin Crew is friendly and professional"
Výhody: "Wonderful service"
Výhody: "the only website that i issued my Garuda ticket through it"
Nevýhody: "they didin't send me the ticket same day .. i was so worry ."
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